Cholera In The Philippines

More Trouble In Mindanao

I started not to write about this as it is beginning to feel like I’m beating up on Mindanao and I surely don’t intend that.  Everyone I’ve talked enjoys Mindanao.  When I speak to Filipino they always tell me the stories are over exaggerated as it is safe in their area.  I think people feel safe in there home town.  Some of the area are not safe, especially for foreigners.  Mindanao is a beautiful place.  I would love to visit and camp near in the mountain near Zamboanga.

Now there are reports of 1500 people in hospitals and two deaths from cholera in the southern tip of Mindanao.  There have been recent floods that could have contributed to this.  The Red Cross has confirmed the two deaths from cholera.

Hopefully they will get this under control quickly.  The people in Southern Mindanao have suffered enough!

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