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People Living In The Philippines have some wonderful legends. I will start posting a series of these Philippine legends and folklore.  I would enjoy the help and input of Filipino. I suspect but don’t yet know, that these stories take a slightly different twist depending on where one is living in the Philippines.

The first one I will share is known as how the Philippines came to be. I find it a little humorous that tsismis (gossip) played a role in the creation of the Philippines.

You see, in the beginning, Philippine legends tell us that there were only three beings living in the Philippines, in fact of all the universe. These three beings are:

  • A Giant Bird
  • The Sky
  • The Sea

The Bird grew tired of constantly flying between the sea and the Sky.  You see, the Bird had no place to rest during his flights but

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wanted to visit with his best friends. The Bird developed a strategy to end his fatigue.  He decided he would start trouble between his friends the sky and the sea.

The Bird told the Sky that the Sea planned to drown him. The crafty Bird then told the Sea that the Sky would hit her with stones.

The Sea becoming angry and fearful began to increase the size of her waves. When the Sky noticed this, he first moved further away. The Sea responded with even higher waves.  When the Sky saw this, it began to throw soil at the Sea.

This quieted the Sea and created the 7107 island of the Philippines.

And that is how the Philippines came to be.

For people living in the Philippines this is a well known story. There Philippine legends about how the rainbow came to be, why many Filipino have a flat nose, why the sea is salty, how a fish got its scales and many more.

I will soon add a new page to Living In The Philippines — The Cebu Experience about all the legends I can find. I’m going to try to pry some more stories out of Jessie and hopefully get her to write a few.  She often has the very short version but I’d really like to get her version of these Philippine legends.

Many are fairly short, feel free to share them in a comment if you like. I’d really like to find a Filipino to help me with this. If you’d like to write articles for this website on Philippine legends or any other topic, please tell me!

As for this installment of Philippine legends,  one might say the bird enjoyed tsismis.  Perhaps this is also the beginning of tsismis.

Belief in Philippine Legends

When I learned about this Philippine legend, I wondered about a few things. Where the sky got the soil. 🙂 I also wondered why the bird would think that creating this fight between the two would help him rest.  But legends around the world are not suppose to make sense.  They are to be believed.  So lets have some fun and believe all the Philippine legends while we learn about Filipino culture.

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