Philippine Legends and Folktales

Once upon a time in the Philippines there was an old woman with strange magical qualities.  The local villagers had noticed her house seemed brighter at night even though there was no electricity. According to local tsismis (gossip) some had even seen dwarfs helping a mysterious and beautiful girl at night.  No one ever discovered the source of the mysterious night time glow.
She lived in the forest on the outskirts of a fishing village and was famous for her beautiful flowers. The fisherman would barter their treasured catch for her flowers.

A young couple came to visit the village.  They were haughty and were not from around there. A proud pair that hated anything they thought was ugly. They would make fun of anything they thought was ugly.

They were out exploring the village one day and came upon the old woman in the forest. Since they found her ugly, they mocked her. After making fun of her, the old woman asked them to leave but they refused.

To punish them, she said “Since you only like beautiful things I will turn you into the most beautiful insect.” She tapped them with her cane and they became the first two butterflies.

Philippines Eagle OwlPersonally, I hope they became the first two butterflies eaten by a beautiful Eagle Owl of the Philippines.

Perhaps, one could always find the beauty in a thing. Nearly everything has its own beauty and people should always be respectful as you never know when you might be turned into bird prey.

Now you know another of the Philippine legends about the first butterfly.

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