Philippine Legends and the First Rainbow

I think it is time to share another of the Philippine Legends!  This time I will tell you the true story of how the first rainbow came to be according to the Legends of the Philippines.

Most of us are told as kid that the God of Abraham placed the rainbow in the sky as a reminder to the world that He would never flood the world again.  You know, I don’t recall that being in the Bible but as you may know, my memory is really bad.

Let us take another look into Filipino culture.

I would guess that most cultures have a myth related to how the rainbow came to be.

The Rainbow According to Philippine Legends

Once upon a time…. There was a farmer that noticed that a fence he built kept getting knocked down during the night.

So he decided to wait up one night to find out who was tearing down his fence and to show them some Filipino justice.

But, he is surprised to find three star maidens frolicking about his wall.  According to this legend, the farmer hid the wings of of the star maidens so she was unable to escape.  Soon they were married and they had a son.  But, she wasn’t very happy as she was captive.

Eventually the star maiden found her wings and escapes back to her world in the sky.

The farmer was very sad, he missed he beautiful wife and his son.

The gods saw this and felt sorry for him.  They took pity on him and placed the rainbow on earth so that it would reach up to the sky.

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