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Philippine Legends

Did you know according to Philippine legends that the sun and the moon were once married and they shared the sky together?  Well, it is true but the sun messed up as men often do.

One day the Sun’s wife, the Moon had to go to harvest vegetables for their children. She

Philippine Legends

asked the Sun to watch over the children but reminded him not to get to close as he would burn them.

As a dutiful father, he doted over the kids and wanted to give them a loving kiss. As he bent down to do so he watched in horror as his children melted.

When his wife, the Moon returned she was angry and they began to fight.  The Sun though took the vegetable and threw them at her. He then quickly ran away from her.

To this very day, on a clear night one still see the leafs of vegetables imprinted upon her face!  There is no man in the moon, she’s a woman!

Now the Sun misses his wife and wanted to reunite with her and that’s why the Sun follows the Moon. He is to this day chasing her, hoping for his forgiveness. Their children have become stars.

And that is the Philippine legend of why The Sun Follows The Moon.

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