Filipino Vets Insulted by US Delays

A few months ago, the  US Senate passed a law that would put Filipino Vets of World World II on equal standing to US vets.  However, the House version scale this back quite a bit leaving the Filipino vets feeling let down and insulted.

It seems that further work on the bill has been put on the back burner with the so called financial “crisis” in the US now.

I think the US should provide benefits to these vets.  So far they already have some benefits which includes VA benefits.    Nothing has really been decided about the bill.  It is common for both houses to pass separate versions and then a compromise is hammered out by the leadership and sent on up to the President for signing. President Bush also made all Filipino Vets from WWII American Citizens.

I’m troubled by something.  US soldiers too died on removing the Japanese from this country.  Does the Philippines provide support to our soldiers that served here?  Is anyone considering that this is the Philippines and the US fought to restore the Philippines to the Filipino.  Shouldn’t the Philippine government be the one to provide the difference between US Vets and Filipino Vets?

While I don’t have a problem with providing the same to Filipino Vets that we do American vets, the current amount of indignation seems misplaced to me.  Getting ones own country returned to them is a huge benefit.  I hope the Filipino gets what they want but they shouldn’t forget what the US has already provided.

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