There may be a lot more to this story than is written in this article: Inquirer has published.  It may well be that this group that is against the current Philippine president being allowed to amend the constitution so that she can stay in office when her term expires next year.

A group known as myERAP attempted to hold a protest and to deliver an “eviction” notice to President Arroyo was thrown off the palace grounds and the Inquirer reported this:

A planned mass at the St. Jude Shrine and a scheduled press briefing at the Max’s Restaurant along JP Laurel Street were also cancelled at around 8 a.m. purportedly on the orders of the PSG, who allegedly warned that they would be compelled to act against the establishments if the group was allowed to proceed with their activities.

Another group known as the Young Pinoy held a rally near the same location.  This group is a pro-Arroyo organization.

While Filipino are granted free speech, foreigners do not have the same right here.  For that reason, I cannot offer commentary but this is important information for the expats living in the Philippines.

It is important to note that the allegations that the PSG threatened to the two businesses is alleged.  The source for that is unnamed.  The Saint Jude Shrine appears to be part of an elementary and high school near the presidential palace.  The presidential palace is often referred to as Malacañang.

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