Philippine President Arroyo Faces Impeachment

The charge of impeachment has been brought due to alleged human right and corruption by the son of a member of the Philippine House of Representatives.  The member has said he will not vote on nor take a position on the filing since he has a conflict of interest.  While other members of the house said he should take a public position.

The governors of the Philippines have spoke against the impeachment and the filing is not expected to get much support as Arroyo has control over the house.  Even if it did go forward, the measure wouldn’t be enacted until she had only three months left in her term.

As a new comer to the country, I stand back and take notice in an effort to learn about Philippine culture and government.  Perhaps someone wants to make a record of their position.   i will be watching and seeking the insight of others that have been here longer than I have.  I am very interested in what natives have to say.

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