Moro Islamic Liberation Front

(MILF) claims that the Philippine Government is moving to position of war.  In my mind, war is already underway in the southern part of the country.  I sometimes look out across Bogo City and think how calm and peaceful things are here and how it could all change.  I reflect on the war going on in the south that has left half a million people homeless.

The Philippine Government has disbanded its peace envoy engaged in talks with the MILF saying that it is hard to talk when guns are pointed at your head.  The Philippine government says they will negotiate with communities one at a time.

This seems to be the Bush Doctrine of negotiation, don’t.  When a government refuses to talk with an organization, the only thing that organization can do is respond with violence.  Talks should go on, even if those talks are not negotiations but are instead demands to put down your arms.

MILF commanders have recently attacked civilians but MILF says these are unsanctioned activities so they are not an organization.  I find that to be a pretty weak argument.  MILF does want the peace process to continue.

I’m only an observer in all of this,  but the situation looks bleak.  US troops are beginning to assist the Philippine government more with such activities as searching for unexploded bombs.  Warships have been seen patrolling around the southern island as well.

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