Fall in Cebu?

Its been cloudy and windy for several days and it looks like fall time in Memphis, minus the colors and falling leaves but we have lots of rooster feathers to make up for the absent leaves. autumn leaves🙂

I have been just as lazy as a fall day too.  The clouds and lack of sunshine are calming to me.  I was getting too lazy though and had to get out today.

It has been cooler too, even a chill in the air from time to time.  Now mind you, this is not something that would give most Memphians a chill but I’m not a Memphian any more.  I guess I’m at least 10% Filipino by assimilation.  🙂

Thought I’d go to the Pizza Pub to get some Cheese Hungarian.   Last time I got this it was really good.  I still don’t get pizza at the pizza pub and I won’t till I know I don’t have to pay for their mistakes.  However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say the last time I went they managed to leave the cheese out of the Cheese Hungarian.  I ordered another, paid for both of course, didn’t even complain.  The second one oozed cheese and I’ve been craving another ever since.  Today, I finally went to get another and they were out of sausage.  Oh well, that happens every where here.  I even found a bar out of beer one time!

I’ve not gone walking, haven’t written very much since New Years Eve and just haven’t done much of anything.   I’m very laid back in this laid back country.   I need to be more laid back, so I consider that to be a good thing.

Someone is firing bottle rockets and they keep going off just outside my window.  Now I enjoyed the entire town exploding on New Years eve but I just don’t have much use for this one every two minutes bang.  I’m going to show him some evil spirits if he doesn’t stop.  🙂

Now that wasn’t very laid back of me, I jest of course, worst I’ll do is yell out the window.  🙂  It is making me tense and ruining my natural high.  Awww, this is the life….

I suppose I should make it clear that there is no autumn in the Philippines.  The Philippines have two seasons, summer and rainy.  It is the rainy season now but most of the rainy season has been unusually warm.

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