Typhoon Fengshen

Dang this thing is still one day away and it is huffing and puffing and knocked our lights out for a few hours. It is just a category one typhoon! I can’t imagine staying around for a category 4 or 5 unless there was just no choice. And I’d have no choice if we had one here in the Philippines. That is very unlikely though.

In case your from the other side of the world, hurricanes and typhoons and cyclones are all the same thing. Each just as deadly but their rating separates the beast from the monster storm.

I’m not sure how far away the storm is. It is 250 miles south of Manila which sounds like it would be close to us. But it is suppose to felt one day from now. So it must be moving slow. It is being felt already. It is a bit exciting yet scary. I guess that is the normal. I don’t expect it to be a major event since it is such a weak storm. But if you heard the winds, you’d probably be like me and wonder how people could ever stay around for a storm that is a category 4 or 5. Well, in this situation I would be. I couldn’t take Jessie and the children out of here so I’d have to stay too.

Here is a picture saved from Underground Weather. A really cool weather site.

Typhoon Fengshen

I don’t expect anything other than some power outages. We’ve had some flooding in the lower level of our home but nothing major. The banana grove behind the house is under about an inch of water and the bushes are falling due to the saturated soil.

There went the power again but for only a few minutes. This will likely get interesting. I wish I had a generator. I really want one but I suppose it is not a need. Maybe it is a need. I’d hate to be a week at 37C and no power.

If I understand what I’m reading, winds are suppose to be a max of 60 Mph but the forecast have been as far as 20 Mph off and the path has been as average of 350 nautical miles off. The only good thing about this is this is only a category one storm. Do you notice how often I keep writing that? 🙂

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