Philippine Storm Blew In Fast In Bogo City

I’ve not been online today as we had storm with typhoon force winds blow in from no where this morning. It woke me up. I was dreaming about a bad storm, then I had a dream our lights went out and then i realized it wasn’t a dream, only in my dream, I was young teen in the USA. Funny how things get distorted in our minds when it is only half awake.

Power Outage in Bogo City

Our power has been out all day, well it came on for about five minutes and then out again. When we left the house about 30 minutes ago, they were working on the line near our house. So perhaps I will not be sleeping in the heat.

I went out mostly to find aircon but Jollibee’s was hot so I left there to go to the BBQ by the Seaside. It was nice. I took pictures of a bunch of kids but then they ended up asking me for money and these kids are not poor, just think American’s have a ton of money. Then two women came by asking for a donation and wouldn’t leave. It is not wise to donate to people you don’t know in the Philippines, no telling here it may go. Then finally someone that seemed nice enough, a Pinoy came up to me and seemed to wanted to be friendly but Jessie said something was wrong with his mind. He offered my a cigarette but I don’t smoke. He finally left but wasn’t a real problem.

Hopefully I’ll go home go home to find our lights are back on.

Jessie plans to go to see a dentist tomorrow. Hope she finally gets that taken care of. She told me that Prince Warehouse has beautiful Christmas trees but she claims she doesn’t want one. She does, she’s just trying to be frugal. I think I’ll get her that tree she wants but I’ll wait till the end of the month to do that. I don’t like to buy extras at the start of the month.

Anyway, that’s why I’m behind on responding to comments.

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