Typhoon Basyang

Just a quick note about Typhoon Conson (named Basyang in the Philippines).  Conson is pounding on the main Island now.  It is well north of Cebu Province.  Most typhoons do go north of Cebu, though someone failed to give Typhoon Frank proper directions a couple of years back.

It is hot, humid and cloudy in Bogo City which lies in northern Cebu Province but there is little increased danger due to Typhoon Basyang in Cebu.  Oh its raining, which is good.  We need the rain.  I even enjoy the clouds brought by Typhoon Conson.

There is little increased danger due to Typhoon Basyang in Cebu.

It may get very dangerous for those in Luzon, the main island.  Let’s hope everyone will be safe but there will probably be deaths due to land slides and flooding.

The storm is currently on track to come very close to Manila, the country’s capital.  So the number of people impacted will be very high.  Its only a Category One storm , but those in its path should be very careful.  It will be deadly in those areas.

Typhoon Basyang
Typhoon Basyang

Internationally rated a category one storm, I’m not sure of Philippines Signal rating yet.  The Philippines has its own rating system and its own naming system.

Its possible we could see damage and deaths here in Cebu as well.  But, the main event from this storm is far to my north.

It is an Island Nation.  Flooding is common.  Its not a huge issue for me but it may be for others.  The poor are usually most at risk.  They are more likely to live in flood prone areas.  Caution is advised if you’re out and about or live in those more dangerous areas, even for those living in Cebu.

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