Tropical Storm In The Philippines

A tropical storm in the Philippines should never been ignored and people in living in the Philippines should stay advised to the possibility of changes. Tropical Storm Three is likely to impact the Philippines within the next 48 hours. The Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) website is showing its expected path to strike typhoon ally in Northern Luzon. TSR indicates at 35% chance that it will make landfall within the Philippines. This graphic is from TSR.

You can follow the path of this storm by visiting TSR.

Here in Bogo it has been raining today and my air conditioning was able to keep up with the Philippines heat. In May, it struggles to do so on sunny days.

Minor Tropical Storm In The Philippines?

I don’t expect very much damage from it in my area. I welcome it, especially if it stays off shore. I love the rain and the cooler temperatures that it will bring.

Right now it is projected to strike the same general area where the super typhoon hit last year. There will likely be some crop damage and there is always the possibility of landslides and flooding when it rains. Other than that, I would think that area can shrug of a minor storm such as this one.

A tropical storm in the Philippines or any where else should always be taken seriously. A tropical storm can always take a life. Hopefully Tropical Storm Three will not become a typhoon.

If you pray, now would be a good time to pray for those in the path of this tropical storm in the Philippines.

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