Typhoon Nina (international code name Typhoon Hagupit) not a massive problem for Cebu Island. Though it is not going to go by completely unnoticed. Some people, about 200 have been stranded at various ports in the Visayan areas. As some ships are playing it safe and remaining at port. Some flooding is expected in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.

The storm, still a tropical depression at this time is expected to turn sharply north and head straight toward Hong Kong. It looks like the main island of Luzon will take a significant hit but it will be a glancing blow. For those people in its path it will seem very direct.

The storm is predicted to become a Cat 3 possibly a Cat 4 storm. It should become a Cat 2 before slamming into Hong Kong. Though Frank was exciting, I don’t care to go through a Cat 3 or higher storm.

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