Typhoon In The Philippines May 2011

Looks like we have another typhoon headed our way. Well for the Philippines. Its direct path is not well known yet but it has a 10% chance of impacting the Philippines with category one winds in 120 hours.

UPDATE:  Tropical Depression Four is now Tropical Storm Songda and is expected to become a full typhoon.  Once it arrives within the Philippines, it will be renamed for the Philippines but this name will apply only to the Philippines.  I have a bad feeling about Songda. It is still more than three days out but we have a farily strong thunderstorm in Bogo City at this time.

Update May 24th

probability for CAT 1 typhoon in the Philippines  is 25% in about 72 hours
probability for TS is 60% in about 48 hours

At this time this article was fist published it was named only as Tropical Depression Four and hasn’t yet reached a tropical storm. It is projected to take pretty much the same path that Tropical Depression three which did become a Typhoon.

Graphic From Tropical Storm Risk (TSR)

The nerve of this storm popping up when I don’t have time to write about it ha-ha. Hopefully, it will be even less of an event than the last storm. That one was not a major storm but around 40 people lost their lives. So it’s always wise to pay heed to these storms.

Twenty Typhoons In The Philippines Per Year

The Philippines gets about 20 typhoons in a year. Luzon is generally the worst hit but all along the Eastern Coast Line is threatened except for Mindanao. Cebu doesn’t see many typhoons, but we did have two my first year.

Leyte and Samar are often hit and I can’t help but say, “I can see Leyte from my home.” Hmm, seems like someone said something like that about Russia ha-ha.

A typhoon in the Philippines is common during this time of the year. They start in May. Typhoon activity in the Philippines falls substantially in November. The most active months are October and September.

Sometimes people dismiss tropical storms but the most deadly storm to ever hit the Philippines was Tropical Storm Uring  in 1992. The floods killed between 5000 and 8000 people! A typhoon in the Philippines is a serious thing but a tropical storm can be as well.

Hopefully, my Internet connection will not be affected this time. If so, it gives me time to work on my eBooks and my pictures. As long as the power does not go out too. Pretty minor inconvenience to me when you consider people die in these typhoons.

If you’re living in the Philippines or care about the people that do, stay alert for changes as this storm is likely to become a typhoon in the Philippines.

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