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In the lives of many Filipino, religion is important. The country is said to be about 80% catholic. It feel more like 99% in the areas I frequent.  At the same time, I hear many of those interested of living in the Philippines bringing up hypocrisy.  They often scoff at the idea that Filipino are a religious people. Some go so far to cast doubt on Filipinos commitment to Christianity. That is a mistake. In most cases, their commitment to faith is real and it is strong.

Church in the PhilippinesWhat brings about the negative comments regarding Filipinos is caused by a few things. Some of which I will talk about. Its purely my opinion as seen through my optimistic eyes. Perhaps my forgiving eyes or perhaps insightful thoughts. That’s up for you to decide.  I don’t find it likely I’ll be able to change the minds of those people that make those kinds of remarks. I think they like putting others down, they like being negative. It is easy to see the bad without thinking more deeply about it. It also allows one to pump up their own ego and feel “holier than thou.”

That part of these comments is intriguing to me. While making the charges of hyppcrisy among Filipino, they are in themselves committing the same sin. While Filipino are a proud people they are also a humble people. Filipino usually have pride about being Filipino yet I don’t see the overbearing need to put others down to achieve that. In fact, it is common for a Filipino to not take flattery well as humility has been instilled into them as that is common in the culture of the Filipino.  At least that is the overt tendency.  Filipino also live within the human condition. Something I think that has evolved due to what makes a species flourish. I don’t think Filipino are able to escape the desire to please oneself any more than their Western counterparts. So while humility is often strive for it is also often not achieve. Few of us are able to actually live up to the lofty goals we believe in.

I will submit the flaw is not within the people of the Philippines but rather flaws in being human. Humans are selfish, we all need and want. We all look for pleasure and almost all of us wish to be happy.

Causes For Perception of Hypocrisy in Religion Among Filipino

  • Many Men Come To The Philippines As Sex Tourist
  • Many Do Not Understand The True Nature of Christianity
  • Misguided Puritanical Beliefs
  • The Level Of Hopelessness Is Not Understood By Most Foreigners
  • Some Just Want To Feel Better About Who They Are
  • For Some It Is Easier To Be Negative Rather Than Positive

One’s Purpose Of Traveling To The Philippines

Sex Tourism in the Philippines is a fact of life. Many Filipino hate this and will assume that is why foreigners are here. Those of us that didn’t come here for that are perplexed by this. I didn’t even know there was a city called Angeles City when I came to the Philippines. For those that don’t know, that is the location within the Philippines that is famous for bikini bars. Mostly men go there, watch girls dance on stage, have drinks with some of the workers and pay the bar a fine so the girl can leave early with them.

The fines are usually around P1500 if you want the girl to stay with you for a longer period of time. That’s not a lot of money. A 50 year old guy now has a 20 year old hottie with him for a night on the town or anything else they agree too. They have this for about $35. You do that back in the USA. That’s about the cost of a movie for two with popcorn and drinks if you skip the dinner.

So many do come here for that. If that’s what you like to do, I have no problem with it. Who am I to tell Pretty Filipina at Cebu Beach Resortsomeone else what they should do. It isn’t for me. I like for a woman to like me for some reason. If that is the prospect for a better life, I can live with that. I get nothing out of paying for being with a woman.

The problem that arises from this is these men are going into the seedier side of the Philippines.  These young women usually feel pretty bad about what they do. They hide it from their families in most cases.  Though I think in many cases, the family knows or has suspicions but it isn’t discussed. The women often send money back home to their family too.

When people feel like they are doing the wrong thing, we tend to find it easier to do more things we consider wrong. The women they work with teach each other how to make more money from their activities. They hang out online, getting men to send them money. In some cases the women steal from the men they date.

The guys that go to the places often don’t visit other areas of the Philippines. As a result, they get the mistake belief that this is what the entire country is like. It isn’t. These men usually also feel they are doing something naughty but men will be men so it is okay. Hey, you picked the activity. What do you expect? Would it be any different in the USA? Yes, the level of potential violence is far higher. The danger more significant and the cost much higher and the woman will probably not be any where near as beautiful. Instead she will be a junkie.  Is all of the USA that way? Of course not and neither is that true for the Philippines.

Misunderstanding What Christianity Is About

I think that most of the leaders of Christianity have done Christ a injustice. I think it has resulted in a widespread misunderstanding of what Christianity is all about. I believe this too is a part of the human condition. The need to feel good about ourselves. Think about it, a leader likes to lead. They are more inclined, I think, to be more controlling. Can you be a leader without having a larger dose of ego? I’m not sure if that is possible. Some leaders lead without trying. They can do it. But becoming a preaching minister and leading the flock to the right way is seeking leadership. Look, I’m not putting this down. I’m just looking at what I think personality traits are more common.

I’ve read the bible twice.  Not word for word. About 80% of it. It was part of a course I took at church and then retook it.  It is pretty intensive and a good course. My reading of it didn’t leave me with the feeling that God hates sex. Solomon had 700 wives and God praised him. His son, David had his own little affair with the neighbors wife. My read of that was that God was displeased with David for doing something that would hurt the husband. Those who like to lead also often make good managers.

The bible even says to treat your slaves well. Humans have evolved into a state where nearly everyone believes that slavery is immoral. In the same passage the bible says to treat your wives with kindness and not to be so hard on your children when they make a mistake.  This is all in the old testament.

Religion In The PhilippinesIn the New Testament, Jesus gave one commandment which, I think sum up the other 10. That being in my words to love everyone else as you love yourself. But we are not even good at that. We are selfish. We tend to put ourselves first. So Christianity for me is about God coming to earth and giving us a path to paradise in the afterlife regardless of our own condition. I believe that God is more concerned with how we treat each other rather than human physical interaction.

I know many don’t share this belief but I do. I think we have been led astray by that selfish human need to be controlling. I think many leaders are more likely to have a strong dose of that trait. Even if they are sincere and want to help, they are more likely to posses it. If they don’t, they may become a helper by taking up another line of work. I believe these leaders have put the emphasis of Christantiy in the wrong area.

But these values shape up what most of the Western world and especially the USA believe. If forms the basis of what we believe to be moral and immoral.  Frankly to put it in the language that the fundamentalist Christian would use, I believe this is the work of evil or Satan.  What better way to  keep people away from Christianity other than making them feel unworthy, unwelcomed and likely to be judged in a negative light.

This article will have to be a multiple day post. It has already become long and I have a lot more information to cover. Since I don’t want to overwhelm the reader and take up too much of your valuable time in one article, I’ll bring it to an end for now.

I would love to hear  your thoughts on this subject. If you have any comments or insight please use the comment are below. If you use the Facebook comments, you’re post will not be held for moderation.

I would love to hear  your thoughts on this subject. If you have any comments or insight please use the comment area below. If you use the Facebook comments, your post will not be held for moderation.

I will add that there is indeed hypocrisy in the Philippines. Just like any place else on the earth. It is well known that Tsismis or gossip is nearly a hobby here. Scandal is a word that I have noticed many Filipino search for on the web. Filipino often put up videos on YouTube with those words in it to attract lots of views. The videos are almost never scandalous.  As a result they get a lot of negative feedback. What motivates this? I think it is the human condition of trying to feel better about ourselves by talking badly about others.  You’ve never been guilty of that?  Wow, you’re better and being unselfish than anyone else I know. I’m guilty of it. The truth is, we are all guilty of hypocrisy.

 This article has been continued here.

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