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If you are looking for flights to the Philippines, there are six major public airlines in the Philippines that carry passengers.  Cebu Pacific Air has recently become the largest passenger airline in the Philippines.  The top six Philippine passenger couriers are:

  1. Cebu Pacific Air
  2. Philippine Airlines (Including Airphil Express)
  3. Zest Airways
  4. South East Asian Airlines (Seair)
  5. Spirit of Manila Airlines
  6. Pacific Air

Even though Cebu Pacific is now the largest airline in the Philppines,  Philippine Airlines (PAL) is often referred to as the “flagship carrier” of the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Airbus 320

Cebu Pacific Airline Airbus 320

When I flew to the Philippines, I came over on Philippines Airlines.  I remember little things, like giving us the headsets to watch TV with, rather than charging us for them.  More important though, the flight attendants treated us in a way that was considerable different than what I’m use too.    Very respectful is the best way I can describe it.  A sense that they were there to serve you.  A sense of actually caring!  When dealing with female employees, there is a sense of formality.  While often when dealing with male employees there was a casual interaction that I find common and enjoyable in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific has a fleet of 29 aircraft and Philippines Airlines has 48.   That would indicate that Cebu Pacific is flying more people on fewer air planes! Cebu currently serves 50 destination while Philippine Airlines has 46 desitnation.

Philippine Airlines was founded n 1941 and has been an integral part of building the nation after WWII.  Cebu Pacific Air was founded in 1996 and is often referred to as the upstart carrier in the Philippines.  Both airlines have had safety and employee relation problems.

When evaluating fares one should keep in mind that Philippine Airlines usually shows the total cost while Cebu Pacific often does not show taxes that will be added to the price until payment time.  With Cebu Pacific, they also often have online prices that you can’t get at a travel agent.  You can though book the flight online.  It is often necessary to go to an office to pay the fee.

This changes from time to time, sometimes the airlines only take Philippine credit cards.  When they do take international, I’ve seen people have issues with their card being charged and then having to wait two months for a refund to be credited to their account.  It has been a couple of years since I saw such reports, but if you’re on a tight budget, I think its something that could be crucial to you.  If you are, I wouldn’t take the chance, I’d go down to the office and pay it in person.

If you’re looking for flights to the Philippines, these two companies are most likely your ticket to the Philippines

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