The airport in Bantayan Island is getting an upgrade.  Governor Garcia included it as one of the provincial priorities for 2011.  It is a part of the Annual Investment Plan (AIP).

Teams have already been sent to survey the airport.  50 million pesos have been earmarked for the project.  There are plans to add a hanger and a terminal.

In an earlier story on Flights To The Philippines, I wrote about a company that provides chartered flights to Bantayan Island.

The spending is aimed at increasing tourism to the Island.  I suppose it will also help put some people to work which will be a boost

bantayan island

Location of Bantayan Island

for the economy.  Most people visit Bantayan Island by ferry.   I would love to see it by the air but I would have to take a two hour bus ride to get to the airport in Cebu City.  I live close to Bantayan Island so it takes me less time to get to the Island than to Cebu City.

I have my doubts that a terminal and a hanger will boost tourism but it might serve as a small step toward bigger plans.  Personally, I don’t want to see large commercial jets or planes landing there.  Bantayan Island is a wonderfully peaceful place and  hope it will always be that way.   I really hope to get back to the island soon.

If you’d like to know more about Bantayan Island, please visit my site dedicated to Bantayan Island.

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