Charter a flight in the Philippines and see the beauty of the Philippine Islands from the air !  Aviatour Air in Cebu operates from Mactan Island and provides service to any Philippine Airport but they concentrate their service in the central and southern region of the country.

Chartered Flights in The Philippines

If a traveller wished, they could take a flight to Bantayan Island and return the same day without checking out of their hotel.

Bohol Philippines
Chocolate Hills of Bohol From Air

Though, personally, I would prefer to stay over night in Bantayan Island.  They also offer short trips to nearby Bohol and other islands.  These packages start at P3000 for a fly over of these beautiful Island.  Bohol is well known for its beauty and “chocolate hills.”  During parts of the year, they turn brown in color.  At other times, they are lush green and would be real pleasure to see from the air.  I am certain it would give a life memory.

Aviatour Air also provides chartered one-way flights to many other beauitful places in the Philippines such as Camigun that boast a several of volcanoes.  Another destination worthy of serious consideration and providing life long memories.

When I get a few extra peso, I look forward to a trip to Tacloban by using their service.  I would enjoy trip to many of the locations they suggest in the Philippines such as Boracay, Palawan, Siquijor and Siargao that they highlight on their website.  I have seen film and pictures of Bantayan Island from the air and the beauty of  the island is greatly magnified from an areal view.

Aviatour Air is a surprisingly large company located in Cebu Philippines.  It surprises me because it isn’t very often that I hear a small plane flying over head.  I have heard it more often lately and usually hear one or two when I visit Bantayan Island.  The charter airline has more than 70 employees.  Of that, 35 are mechanics.   They have more than 35 planes in their fleet with five hangers to secure their planes.  They also offer pilot training!  I might look into the health requirements for small plane pilots in the Philippines.  Perhaps my dream of flying is not as lost as I once thought!

If you’re looking to charter a flight in the Philippines or are visiting on vacation and would like to provide your kids with a memory they wont soon forget, I would take a long hard look at booking a flight with Aviatour Air in Cebu, Philippines.

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