I found a useful site for tracking the status of flights in the Philippines.   This site is called Flight Stats.

Here are a three useful URLS

Status of Flight for Manila

Status of Flights for Cebu

Status of Flights for Davao

I didn’t find the website all that easy to navigate but on the home page they have a map of Asia.  You can click on the country you wish to look at to get more detail.  I found it difficult to find information on airports other than the airport in Manila.

By clicking on that airport on the map though, I could see links for flights to other cities.  Clicking on that link took me to the airport for that city.   Sometimes the information is scant though it is still helpful.

They also display general information about delays for the airport.  For Manila it showed very low at this time.  But for the Cebu airport the data was not available.  There was more information though on specific flights.

On the other hand, if there is a tropical storm in the Philippines, one could pretty much assume there would be problems in some areas.

Still if you’re taking a flight in the Philippines, I think this site could be helpful for you.

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