Wow, Cebu Pacific likes to makes waves only they make their waves in the air!

This week, a passenger capturered this really cool video of the pretty Filipina flight attendants getting the attention of their passengers by dancing while the safety instructions were playing.  Usually when you ysee these going on everyone seems to make a point of ignoring them.  Not this time!  All the men on this flight are caputred by the movements of the flight attendants.

I think its a fantastic way to draw attention to the saftey instructions and a brilliant move on the part of Cebu Pacific as they had to know it would get them lots of free advertisiting.

Now this is one of those only in the Philippines moments.  You certainly couldn’t do this in the USA any more, not without law suits of sexual harrassement.  I like the way they do things in the Philippines and I love Cebu Pacific’s no fear attitude when it comes to shaking up the skies over the Philippines!

I wonder if the timing has anything to do with their upcoming IPO!  It can’t hurt.   Go Cebu Pacific!

I love the Philippines.

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