Air fares to the Philippines have been falling this month.  I recently got an email from Cebu Pacific Air that they slashed their fares to Hong Kong by 40 percent!

Cheap Flights To The Philippines

With the Chinese issuing travel warnings to the Philippines, there has been many reports in the Philippines press that tourism has suffered.  While I think it makes no sense,  people have delayed or cancelled their travel plans to the island nation.  With excess capacity the airlines of the Philippines are scrambling to fill their seats.

I don’t understand why there has been such a backlash toward the Philippines over the Manila bus hostage tragedy.  Yes, it ended


Air Bus

badly but how likely is a repeat incident?  I don’t think it is likely at all.

I have also seen the Philippines government asking tour bus operators not to pick up police man.  It is customary for police men to hitch a ride on buses for free.  There is  fear that armed policemen on a bus will cause tourist to become afraid.  It have seen armed men get on a bus before but they were not police.  An armed police officer would make me feel safer!

If you are in Hong Kong and have been wanting to fly to the Philippines, now is an excellent time to do so.   I don’t see how there could be more risk now, in f act, I suspect their is less.  So jump on a jet and enjoy your flight to the Philippines.

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