In the wake of last weeks hostage crisis in the streets of Manila, there has been a backlash toward Filipino.

Cebu Pacific Flights To The Philippines

In light of this, Cebu Pacific Air has pledged to “do its best” in helping Filipino in several major cities within China to rebook their flights to the Philippines.   Cebu Pacific Air has also pledged to waive rebooking fees for flights from September 1 to September 15, 2010.  Those that wish to take flights to the Philippines from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou will get a break in their rebooking fees.jet in the Philippines

It seems to be more symbolic in nature to me.  Perhaps a show of solidarity for the people of the Philippines.  Though, if I were flying into the Philippines, I would enjoy any break I got in fees.   It’s a symbolic gesture that I’m sure means much to Filipino that have been unjustly judged by the incident in Manila.

Have a nice flight back to the Philippines and stay safe!

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