For the past several months, the Philippine press has been full of articles about the “Open Skies Policy.”

So what is Open Skies?  At this time, only airlines in the Philippines are allowed to transport passengers to and within the Philippines.jet It appears this policy is about to change.  After months of buzz about the change, President Aquino is expected to announce the new “Pocket Open Skies.”

This will allow foreign airlines to fly into and out of Cebu and Davao.  It is hoped that this will increase tourism and foreign investment.  I think it will do both.

It can’t hurt oppotunities for cheaper flights to the Philippines.  More competition should bring lower fares.

Stock prices for Philippine Airlines (PAL) and Cebu-Pacific have been plummeting this week as the Philippine palace is expected to announce the new policy this week.

One congressman in Davao has suggested that the Philippines first need to upgrade its safety status.  Currently airlines from the Philippines are not allowed to fly into some European countries at all.  The USA allows some flights but is not allowing the Philippines to open new flights to the USA.

The Philippines recently appealed to the USA to upgrade its status as that it claims to have substantially corrected the short comings the safety authorities cited.  I don’t know the status of that appeal.

I hope the Philippines does implement the policy and that it helps to reduce prices and increase flights to the Philippines.  More direct flights to and from Cebu are especially important to me since I live in Cebu Province.

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