New Flights in the Philippines

More options for fliers to Cebu and Davao will put downward pressure on ticket fares to those two cities.  Often when carriers add flight routes, they offer extremely discounted pricing. If you’re thinking of a trip to Cebu or Davao from Manila, you may have the chance to get a really cheap ticket.

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) will begin its flights from Manila to Cebu and Davao on July 1st of 2011.

Bantayan Island

Beach Resort In Bantayan Island

The company plans to offer as many as 10 flights a day to Cebu. It also plans to offer up to 6 flights from Manila to Davao. I’m not sure why they announced “up to” but I’m guessing that some days will have more flights than others.

The company has already announced special pricing and you can fly from Manila to Cebu City for under $15. Or you can fly from Manila to Davao for under $25 American dollars. The dollar to Philippine peso equivalents are P499 to Cebu and P999 to Davao!  Wow, nice pricing.

However those are one way tickets and they usually charge you full rates on your return trip.

You can book flights by visiting or calling their ticket hotline at (632) 849-0100.

Both Cebu and Davao are major starting points to other tourist destinations.I wouldn’t miss a trip to Bantayan Island if I were visiting Cebu.  You can even book private charter flights from Cebu City to Bantayan Island. Davao is located in Mindanao Province and provides a gateway to mountains resorts in that province.

With more long term competition to these two destinations, we will hopefully see lower air fares for a sustained period of time.  Thanks SEAIR for providing more flights in the Philippines.

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