Five airports in the Philippines are to be expanded due to the new Open Skies policy.

Those five airports  are:

  • Laoag International Airport
  • Diosdado Macapagal International Airport
  • Davao
  • Cebu-Mactan
  • Subic

Even before Open  Skies though, several airlines have announced plans to expand.   Cebu Pacific will add 16 A320 Airbus jets over the next couple of years.    Several other airlines have plans to add additional  narrow body jets as well.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Airbus 320

Cebu Pacific Airline Airbus 320

This will lead too congestion at the airports without the additional capacity.

This is good news to me.  More flights within the Philippines should add options and lower fares.  I  don’t travel by plane  a lot but I might go more often if the prices remain low or  go even lower.   Flights  in the  Philippines generally cost much less than what I’m use to in the USA.    Sometimes the airlines offer promotions  with very cheap fares in the country and to international locations as well.

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