There is a deadly typhoon headed to the Philippines.  Typhoon Megi is slated to become a category four storm.   This will wreak havoc on the Philippines and upon flights to the Philippines as well.

During the last typhoon, Cebu International was described as a parking lot.  Flights to Manila had to be diverted and most went to Cebu City’s International Airport.

This storm has the potential to be far more deadly and cause far more disruption to the air travel within the Philippines.  At this time the storm is still three to four days from landfall.    The Philippines could still be spared but at this point, it doesn’t seem to the the most likely outcome.

Instead, it appears that Typhoon Megi will release deadly devastation on Luzon.  The northern most island which includes Manila, the national capital of the Philippines.   Manila has more than 10 million inhabitants.

Hopefully the storm will pass through quickly.   When a typhoon slows or stalls over land in the Philippines the heavy rain causes flooding and dangerous landslides.  This provides the biggest threat to human life and property.


typhoon projectiion

Typhoon Megi's Projected Path

For further updates regarding Typhoon Megi, please visit Cebu Experience.

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