Cebu Beach Resort

Family On A Trike

The Hide Away Beach Resort in Bogo City. A resort where you’ll find no tourist there. They have cottages there if you want to stay overnight. I do not know what their rooms offer. I’ve made two visits there. The latest one resulted in these pictures.

It was a cloudy day which was nice as there was no sunburn! It rained while I was “swimming.” Really I just walked around in the water a bit. Jessie drew a crowd in her swimsuit. I think they girls were envious as they thought she was brave. Lot of seaweed in the water, the beach is rather rocky. You could easily cut yourself on the rocks. It is a nice place to take the kids, relax a bit and enjoy the view as it present a beautiful scene.

This isn’t a plush place at all. It is very basic. I enjoy going there. I would go more often if I had my own transportation. To get there, we loaded the kids and our maid along with ourselves onto a local trike.

For the full story of my visit to this Cebu beach resort follow this link.

There are many luxurious  Cebu Beach Resorts in the province. This is a different kind of adventure. Great for a family outing.