Living In The Philippines Journal — August 2011

It is August 09th, 2011 and so far it has been a mostly quiet month. That is okay, it is needed after all the adventure of last month.

We had a short brownout in Bogo City yesterday. It lasted about 45 minutes. We haven’t had many lately.  That situation is no longer a massive issue like it was about a year ago.  I don’t know how long it will stay that way but for now, it isn’t a problem. I think that was the first brownout in two months or more.

Hospital Visit In The Philippines

A hospital visit is going to cost me between P25,000 to P30,000 for an “executive checkup.” That is what they called it the last time I checked on it. I have to pay for it and hope my insurance company doesn’t balk.  I don’t know what to do.  I guess I’m going to have to do it but it will really hurt me cash wise if they don’t pay.

The doctor says we can’t do it outpatient and the cost of the room is not a huge issue.  The cost of the test I need are central and I do need them. Im having some problems. I have skin problems that could be caused by diabetes or it might be scleroderma. I suppose it could be anything but it isn’t getting better.  Skin turning red, scaling, ulcers on my feet and now on my feet.  I will likely be doing it this month.  I’m pretty worried and I’m usually not.

The planned hospital visit was a total bust. The doctor wasn’t in the office and I just ended up spending more than a hundred dollars of my medical expense money. I will return to Cebu City soon. Lately I’ve been to sick to go.

Jessie’s New Computer Arrives

It is August 11th 2011.

We ordered a computer online from Gaisano’s rather pitiful website.  It seems to be working well. It didn’t really arrive though. The website, indicated it would be delivered to the door.  I wanted Jessie to make them do that but instead she just went to Cebu City to pick it up.  They didn’t even tell us it was there. You have to send them an email tell them what you want. They email you back and give you deposit instructions. You go to their bank, deposit the money and email them the details. They ship with a day or two after that.  She now has a very nice computer.

Still a pretty quiet month so far.

I plan to go see the doctor on Monday or Tuesday and will likely do part of the in hospital stay he wants. I’m going to insist we break it up into two visits.  I want to see what kind of problems I run into with the insurance and spread my cost out over more than one month.

I have not been back to the doctor yet. Most days I don’t feel like going to the doctor. I’m too weak.

This month has been a troubling month on the website. Some of the comments have been rude and I think made others not want to leave their comment. I’m always unsure on the best way to handle this kind of thing.

Two people have led to believe that once I feel there is a problem it is best to just get rid of them. One on this website and one on another. I got emails from them that were so childish that I was sorry I put up with them for as long as I did. Both not only lost their ability to post comments but have been banned from the websites entirely.

I don’t need people to agree with me. That is fine, I like to be challenged and sometimes it leads to my changing my views. One guy challenged me about guns laws this month. I did additional research and changed my opinion. I even wrote an article about being wrong. That kind of thing is completely useful. However his method of communication was not useful and he can no longer post here.

It is 100% possible to have a difference of opinion without being insulting. I’m completely done with tolerating any more insults especially to others. I will be faster to act on that in the future. I use to let any attacks on me go ignored. However, I’ve now seen that just creates a very unpleasant atmosphere.

I’m done with it. I won’t put up with it any more. Something isn’t right when I don’t want to read the comments on my own website.

The dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate dipped below P41 this month. That promoted the Philippines central bank to step in and bolster the dollar. The downgrade of US debt sparked that decline. After that first week though, the dollar to Philippine peso rate stablized and has been around P42.5 with some up and downs.

Today I sent money from the USA to my Philippines bank account and noted that I’m getting around P20,000 less than I did a year and a half or so ago.That’s 25% less than what I got back then. As I often say, the exchange rate plays a major role in the quality of life for the expat.

This month has not been an exciting time for me in the Philippines. Most of it spent at home hoping I’ll feel better on the next day.