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Living In The Philippines -- The Basic Expat Training Manual - Cebu Focused Living In The Philippines

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Living In The PhilippinesLiving In The Philippines

Moving To The Philippines

arrowLiving In The Philippines

The Basic Expat Training Manual Now A Two Volume Set

Prepare, Plan, Arrive In Paradise

What Will This Manual Do For You?

  • Prepare, Plan, Arrive In Paradise
  • Reveal The Information You Need To Make The Move Happen
  • Provide A Fair And Balanced View Of Living In The Philippines. Not Hype. I Tell You The Good And The Bad
  • Arm You With Information To Help Keep You Out Of Trouble
  • Help You Reduce The Cost To Start Living In The Philippines
  • Guide You On Visa Requirements
  • Make Visa Requirements Simple
  • Comprehensive 250 Page Manual That Continues To Grow
  • The Manual Has Been Updated More Than 10 Times
  • Get All Future Updates At No Additional Cost
  • Find Out Why You Should Move To The Philippines Or Why It Might Not Be Right For You.

Most ebook authors write their ebook and then leave it as it is for years. Since releasing this book in September of 2010 I have released over 10 updates and notified buyers where they can download their updated ebook at no additional cost. Even when the price Goes Up. That’s right, even when the price rises, you are locked in at today’s rate.

Who Should Move To The Philippines?

  • To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams! Yes YOU Can.
  • To Drastically Cut Your Cost Of Living
  • Start A New Fantastic Life
  • If You Want To Spice Up A Dull Lonely Life
  • You Wont Be Lonely Here
  • To See Exciting New Places
  • To Visit Or Live At Incredible Beach Resorts

Dear Future Expat Living In The Philippines,

I Love Living In The Philippines!



If I had the information in this comprehensive manual, I would have been in the Philippines a year before I actually made it here.

Once I got here, I found a beautiful angelic Filipina half my age that treats me like a king. I just wish I hadn’t wasted so  much time before I made the move. Fear of the unknown was a major factor that caused my delays. I can remove that fear by giving you the facts! If I can do it, anyone can do it. Look below, see for yourself!

I wasted a couple of years trying to find out what I needed to do to make the move. This book will make that possible for you in about an hour.

Questions This Manual Will Answer For You:

  • How Do I Get A US Passport?
  • Tips on Flirting in a New Land.  It is Very Different Here.
  • Is She Just After Money?  Some Are. I Can Help With That Too.
  • What Is The Cost of Living In The Philippines
  • How Long Will I Be Able To Stay?
  • Can I Own Property?
  • Do I Need A Visa?
  • How Hard Is It To Get A Visa — Hint It Is Easy
  • Can I Get A Job?
  • Can I Go To School?
  • Can I Start A Business?
  • How Do I Ship My Things?
  • What Should I Bring With Me?
  • How Do I Get My Money?
  • What Is The Culture Of The Filipino
  • How Much Money Do I Need To Live In The Philippines?
  • Much More.

Let this book serve as your guide to getting started in the Philippines. It is packed with inside information on the wonderful Filipina. You can find the girl of your dreams in the Philippines you could also find the worst nightmare you can think of.  I have found both on my path toward a better life in the Philippines..
I’ve got over 50  170 250+ pages of first hand expat information. I’m living the Dream.  I retired and moved to the Philippines. I’ve learned from my mistakes and you can do that too. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete your move to the Philippines. Save Money! Don’t waste Money On A Visa You Don’t need.  I did and wasted $350
You may be only going to the other side of the world but you are truly stepping into another world. You had might as well be stepping off a space ship and onto a different planet for life as you know it is about to change.
Your technique in conversing with a potential date in the Philippines is going to need some work.  Filipina send mixed signals and if you’re not careful.  You’ll hear “I’m not like those other girls.  I’m not interested in your money.”   I never offered anyone money but you have to be on guard for making it appear that’s what you’re offering.  Finally though, I have cracked the code on flirting in the Philippines.

Your purchase is risk free.  If not satisfied with your purchase you can request a refund for up to six months. That is a six months no questions asked refund policy! All You need to do is email me and I will have PayPal refund your purchase immediately.

On The Filipina and Flirting

An Excerpt from Basic Expat Training

Flirting: It is taken me a while to crack this code.  I offended way too many Filipina in the early days.  But now, I have cracked the code.  Let’s talk about it…”

“…You see, Filipina might flirt with you but if they do, you need to show respect first.”

“….Now had I pounced on this opportunity, I can assure you they would have become immediately allusive, possibly even offended.”

Flirting is an art in any land.  For me it is a hobby.  Once I came to the Philippines, I had to refine my art and approach it in a whole new way.   It took some time but this eBook will dramatically reduce your learning time and increase your success rate with the wonderful ladies of the Philippines.

Get The Basic Expat Training Manual Before

The Price Increase.

Buy Living In The Philippines

Download Immediately

The women of the Philippines are loving and they are very pretty.  They come in droves. They can also be very cut throat. Hunger can make any of us that way. You can find a girl here. That part is up to you. I want to show you how to get here and make it happen and how to avoid being scammed. 

Some Common Questions Answered For You:

  • How Much Does It Cost To Live In The Philippines?
  • Can I Find A Good Woman In The Philippines?
  • Is The Philippines Safe?
  • Can I Own A Home In The Philippines?
  • Do I Need A Visa Before I Visit The Philippines?
  • How Long Can I Stay In the Philippines?

Not 50,  Not 172 but over 250 Pages of First Hand Knowledge from an Expat with Boots On the Ground

What Other Readers Have said:

I am in Lapu-Lapu Philippines now !! Thanks in part to you !


I enjoy his writing style, his bluntness and his southern charm that comes through on every page…as though the writer is actually across a table talking to you.


I just finished reading Rusty Fergusons’ BASIC EXPAT TRAINING. It is a “must read” for anyone contemplating, or making the move, from your home country to here in the Philippines.

It covers not only the logistical information such as visa’s, immigration and finance; but also the invaluable insights into the filipino people and their culture. Vital information that can only truly be gleaned from those who have “been there – done that”.

Buy the book even if you are only having passing thoughts of relocating or wondering “what if”. It will be the best $27 that you can spend in helping to decide to if a life in paradise is for you.


Just finished reading the book and commend Rusty on a well written book. It covers so many different ideas of living in the philippines. I appreciate all the information given by someone who has boots on the ground in the philippines.

Especially all about the culture of the people there and what not to do was very informative for me. I learned from Rusty what to expect once there and what not to expect as well. This book has given me an insight that will come in very handy in my future adventures in the land of paradise. Thanks Rusty.

Jerry – Now Living In Cebu

It is a good worthwhile read

Mr Lee – cebuexperience.com/cebuforums/

I finished reading your book. The book was well written, It has a lot of good info in it especially for a newbie. Wish I could have read it before I started coming to the Philippines


I just finished reading the book., It gave me tips . It was well written and had respectable thoughts of living in the P.I.


It’s good; it’s really informative, and Rusty keeps the information up to date, the book will be very helpful to a wide variety of people who come to the Philippines to live or even vacation for awhile. I read a lot of Philippine blogs and even learned



Lance Reviewed Version One of The BETM

Rusty Ferguson’s Basic Expat Training Manual is a great guide for anyone thinking of moving to the Philippines, it will easily save new expats hundreds of dollars. I have visited the Philippines before and also learned some new things from reading it. It covers preparations to make before your trip (visas, vaccinations, shipping stuff there), culture and the best ways of interacting with Filipinos and Filipinas, scams to watch out for, marriage and divorce, the lower cost of living, and ways of transferring money to the Philippines. Rusty’s ebook even has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


What is included in The Basic Expat Training Manual?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Official Languages of the Philippines
  • The Expatriate
  • Passport and VISA
    • Getting Your US Passport
    • Non-immigrant Visa  (The Easy Way To Live In The Philippines and How Long You Can Stay.)
      • One Year Re-Entry Visa — Can I Stay for A Year?
    • VISA RUN — Cutting Your Cost and When You Need to Do It.
    • Balikbayan Privilege Or 1 Year Visa
    • Quota Visa
    • Immigrant Visa
      • 13A Marriage Visa
      • 13B Children
      • 13C Subsequent Children
      • 13D Women That Loose    Citizenship
      • 13E Returning From Abroad
      • 13G Married To A Filipino That Lost Citizenship
    • SRRV – Special Resident Retirement Visa  — The Visa I Want
    • SVEG – Business Visa
    • Traveling With A Filipino
  • What Should I Bring With Me
    • Bringing Your Pet
  • Do I Need Shots
    • Which Shots Do I Need If I Get Them
  • The Filipina
    • The Wonderful Filipina
    • Love in The Philippines
    • The Filipina and Her Family (Supporting Her Family)
    • Filipina Possessiveness and Jealousy
    • Flirting and The Filipina – Relearning My Art
    • Extortion Schemes
    • Friendly Filipina
    • School Girls Vs. College Girls (How to Tell The Difference)
    • Fraud in Dating
    • How To Spot A Scammer (Indicators of A Scammer)
    • Married Filipina
    • Police Setup
    • Under-aged Girls (One Final Caution)
  • Marriage and Divorce
    • Property and Divorce :  Who Gets What?
    • Guam Divorce
  • Cost of Living
    • Housing
    • Medical
    • Food and Dining
    • How Much Money Do I Need To Live in The Philippines
    • Living In Cebu: Comparison Cost
    • My Actual Budget
  • Getting a Job
    • Starting a Business In The Philippines (Industry to Avoid)
  • Starting A Business In The Philippines
  • Housing In The Philippines
    • Land Ownership
    • Renting A Home
    • Staying In A Resort or Pension House
  • Education
    • International Schools
  • Banking and Money
    • Opening a Bank Account
    • Getting Your Money While in The Philippines
    • Remittance
    • Federally Insured Deposits?
    • Privacy in Banking
    • Wealth Tied to Exchange Rate
    • Your USA Income Taxes
  • Public Transportation
  • Shipping Your Stuff
    • Balikbayan Boxes
    • Container Shipping
    • Mail Forwarding Service
  • Safety and Terrorism
  • Kultura Filipino (Filipino Culture)
    • Philippines and Religion
    • Filipino are polite and formal
    • Filipino Friendship
    • Mano Po (First Impressions Make them Powerful)
    • Filipino and Family
    • Toilet Training
  • Philippine Weather
    • Temperature and Humidity
    • Two Seasons In The Philippines
    • Typhoons
    • Floods
    • Landslides
  • Checklist To Prepare For Your Move
  • Summary
    • Final Words
  • Appendix
    • Immigration and Visas
      • Tourist Visas
      • Travel Requirements for Filipinos
      • Balikbayan Privilege
      • SVEG – Special Visa To Non-Immigrant Employment Generation
      • 13A Permanent Resident (Marriage Visa)
      • Section 13B  (permanent resident for children)
      • 13E  Person Returning from Abroad
      • 13G Married to A Filipino that lost their Citizenship
    • Marriage Regulations — Requirements For Getting Married
    • The Family Code
    • Mail Order Brides — Illegal
    • Land Holding and Ownership
    • Location of Bureau Of Immigration Offices
    • Travel Warnings
    • Bureau of Immigration Extension Fees for Travelers on a Visitor Visa
    • List And Locations of  Philippine Embassies


Bonus 1: A 2nd eBook For You

How To Send Money To The Philippines

How To Send Money To The PhilippinesI sell this eBook but you get it for free. A $19 value

This 20 plus  page eBook will help you learn how to get your pension or other income sent from your foreign bank account to the Philippines

Valued at $10 its included in your purchase of the Basic Expat Training Manual.

Living in the Philippines, I get asked two questions the most.

1.  How do I get my paycheck once I’m in the Philippines

2.  How much money will I need to live comfortably  in the Philippines

The Basic Expat Training Manual covers and answers both of the questions.  No hype, not sugar coated.  No telling you want you want to hear but the truth.  It is true that your income or nest egg will go much further in the Philippines.

Bonus 2: $60 News Letter
You’ll also get a one year subscription to my news letter.  “Expand Your Life — Retire Overseas.”   In this newsletter, I cover current topics and some of the details of living in the Philippines, often the seeder side and the dangers that go along with it.  More tips to keep you out of trouble and make your choice of living in the Philippines a happy one.
Bonus #3 Free Consultation
You get unlimited access to ask me all the questions about living in the Philippines.  Now I don’t claim to have ALL the answers but I have a lot.  You’ll find most of them covered in the eBook.  I often get questions that require pure opinion and I give it.  Please read the manual and if you have questions, I’d love to have them.  Sometimes those questions provide me with additional ideas to add to the Basic Expat Training manual.  Normally I charge $70 an hour for this service and you get it for free.
Bonus #4 Free Updates For Life
You’ll get access to every update I make to the eBook. I have averaged one update a month. Sometimes there are two or more, sometimes there are none.Usually there isn’t an update when I’m working on a large update as it takes longer to get it readyWhen originally released the manual was under 50 pages. Now it is over 200 and growing. I will keep this up to date and add more important content as time goes on. It is and will continue to be your all in one source for living in the Philippines.

The Basic Expat Training Manuals is Updated often and the price will go up.

Buy it now and lock in at the special price. Get updates at no additional cost even when the price goes up.

You also get all future updates at no additional cost.

Get The Basic Expat Training Manual Before The Price Increase.

Buy Living In The Philippines

Download Immediately

  • Reduce The  Time it Takes to Move or Visit the Philippines.
  • Get your Mindset Right
  • Reduce Your Culture Shock
  • Arm yourself with the information
  • Protect yourself from scams
  • Get Updates of all Future Version (There have been three seven editions already)
  • Bonus eBook How to Send Money to the Philippines a $10 value.
  • Money back guarantee if you are unhappy with this eBook you have the option of returning it for a full refund within 180 days.

Get The Basic Expat Training Manual Before The Price Increase.

Buy Living In The Philippines

Download Immediately

Immediate Download At ANY Hour

You do not need a Kindle or Other Like Reading Device

The Manual is Delivered in A Zipped File Containing in PDF Format and may be read with FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Money Back If Not Pleased If you are not happy with your purchase.  Just delete my book and ask for a refund within 180 days.  No Questions Asked.

The manual includes over 100 pages written by me.  It also includes about 100 pages of Philippine laws and regulations that are included in the manual. Where possible, I include links back to appropriate websites.  It is included so that you can read them when you don’t have an Internet connection.  It is all very relevant and important information that you need to know. I also write my layman understandings about the laws but include the full law for your reference.  I’m not a lawyer.  I can’t give you legal advise.  Seek legal advise for a lawyer where needed.

A Balanced Honest View Of The Philippines I provide a balanced view of the Philippines.  I do not believe everything here is wonderful but it is also much better than what you might read on some websites.  The Philippines for me is a wonderful place. Don’t mistake it for heaven.  You need to arm yourself with a balanced view.

P.S.  You will also be invited to join  my newsletter at no extra cost.  It is completely up to you though.  It is not required and you can optout at any time.

P.S.S Remember lock in your price now.  As I add more topics the price will increase. There has already been two price increases and there will be more.  You will be entitled to download all future editions at the one time price you already paid.

P.S.S.S The manual is now its seventh edition.  This is a living document.  I have published more than 10 updates to this eBook since it was first released in August 2010!  it is a living document and I will continue to add to it.  You get all updates included in your purchase.

Immediate download after you purchase.

You can contact me at rusty@cebuexperience.com Call me at 503-616-3111 USA.  This is Skype number and you will likely get voice mail. Chat with me at Tantalizing_Web on Skype. More likely to reach me that way. I hate telephones. You’ll get my Philippines Based Phone Number Upon Purchase.

This an eBook available for download only.  Read with Adobe Acrobat Reader free for life.

Special Note: Two users using an iPad reported problems downloading the manual. If you run into problems, let me know and special arraignments will be made.

Rusty Ferguson

14525 SW Millikan Way 88376

Beaverton, OR 97005-2343


Yes I do live in Bogo City Philippines this eBook will also show you how to keep a USA Address and access your mail without shipping it to the Philippines)

You really can start living in the Philippines and you’ll probably love it as much as I do.

The owner of this website, Rusty Ferguson, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking Cebu Experience to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com.