If you are moving to the Philippines there are preparations you need to make and they apply to most all people.  There will always be variations and your specific details will vary of course. These steps would apply to nearly any place you’d plan on moving too.  This will only be a brief summary of these issues. I’m writing an eBook to cover this in more detail. An eBook, I plan to give away for free. We’ll have to see how that goes though. If it become a bigger undertaking than I plan, I’ll charge for it. I do expect that it will be free as these items are already covered in detail in The Basic Expat Training Manual.

Steps to Take When Moving to the Philppines

  • Paper Work  In Order
  • Medical Concerns In Order
  • Finances Issues In Order
  • Staying in Contact With Friends and Family
  • Learn about Filipino Culture and History
  • Decide What To Bring With You and How to get it Here
  • Make Some In Country Contacts

Paper Work

You should get copies of your marriage license or divorce papers and bring them with you. I’d bring several copies of your certified birth certificate too. Don’t forget your drivers license and get it renewed before you leave if that is possible.

Medical Issues

You should probably see your doctor, let them know your plans.  I’d recommend that you get vaccines Living in the Philippinesfor hepatitis.  More importantly, get your doctor to write you prescriptions in generic names and as many refills as they will allow. I also recommend that you get your medical records and bring them with you.

Finances In Order

If you’re not already having your funds deposited to your bank via direct deposit, now is the time to do that. There are several ways to access your cash in the Philippines once your money is in a US bank. I’d also get a copy of your credit report just to have it. Your credit history will not follow you here.

Staying in Touch with Family and Friends

If you don’t have a FaceBook or Google+ page now is an excellent time to get one.  You’ll likely find many old friends on FaceBook but Google+ also provides easy to use video chat. You should consider setting up a personal blog on Blogger.Com which is free.  You should probably also get a Skype account as it is easy to make low cost calls or free calls if they too have Skype and video chat via Skype to Skype is possible.

 Learn about Filipino Culture and History

If you understand more about the people and their history, it is likely you’ll be able to interpret why people respond the way they do. If you learn about the history, you will likely have a better understanding of how the culture developed the way it has.

Decide What to Bring with You and How to get it Here

I put too much in storage. I should have sold more than I did. I didn’t know how to get a large number of items here at a price I could afford. It can be done but I didn’t start my efforts in this regard soon enough. Plan this as early as possible!

Make Some In Country Contacts

Get in touch with some people here. Not just those pretty Filipina. 🙂 I didn’t do that, in fact, I did pretty much every thing dead wrong. But hey, it worked out for me. It is good to have some contacts here. I’m happy to give anyone coming my phone number so you can text me once you are here. Most people that ask though, never do. They find they have plenty to do.  It would be good to have though.

I get a lot of people contacting me in private asking questions. I simply do not have the time to answer them. I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. I use to spend hours every day doing that and I just had to stop.

I’m also in the information business. Some people get huffy with me when I won’t answer their A Rock Castle Near The Underground River In Palawanquestions in private. All I ask is that you go to the forum and ask your question. You can find that here. If you insist on private consultations, then you’re going to have to pay for that. If you are willing to ask your questions in public, I’ll be glad to help. I wouldn’t expect a doctor to give me an exam for free.  I wouldn’t expect a restaurant to give me a free meal.

In the last week someone is going around the net complaining because I charge for information. Oh well, bye! 😉 Like I said, I simply don’t have time to do it. I wish I did. On the other hand, I don’t think its too much to ask that a person give me something, as simple as asking their question where it can benefit others. If that’s too much too ask of you, then I’m sorry.

I hope these practical steps toward your move to the Philippines have some value for you. They are mostly common sense, I know. I will provide more detail in the eBook if I ever find time to finish it.

If you’re moving to the Philippines or to another overseas location, these tips will still apply. Just change the name of the country.

I can’t cover it all in a blog article. Please provide your additional tips for an international move in the comments. Good luck with your future life as an expat!

By Rusty Ferguson

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