I Love Living In The Philippines

In February of 2008, I moved to the Philippines. As far as good things go, they rank close behind the birth of my children, getting a college degree and finding inner peace through a spiritual awakening. Those are pretty big milestones in ones life and my choice to live in the Philippines is included among those.

Cost of Living In the Philippines

The cost of living in the Philippines is key for me. I can live much cheaper in the Philippines than I can in the USA. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the USA. If I had unlimited wealth, I suspect I’d still spend a large part of my time there. I would still spend a large portion of my time in the Philippines too though.

I am not trapped here. I love the Philippines.

Now some expats sit around, drinking their Red Horse (a good beer in the Philippines) and complaining about how horrible this country is. How corrupt the Philippines is. Some even complain about how expensive it is. I don’t know their lifestyle but I can’t imagine it costing me more to live here than it would the USA.

On this website, I have numerous examples of the low cost of living in the Philippines. Here is one more. This past week, we had a child in the hospital for two days. The cost was about $35!

Loving Filipina

Filipina are the most loving women I’ve ever found. Yes, I know there are exceptions and a large part of that has to do with where you find them. Go to the darker areas of the Philippines and you’ll find shadier people. That’s true of any place you’ll go.

I watch Filipina with their children. They usually come home from work and greet them with a long, tender embrace. Oh sure, mothers everywhere get irritable with their children constantly wanting something.  Sometimes they snap at them harshly like most parents will do.  Jessie often greats me when I wake up with a long tender and loving hug. So often that helps make the entire day go well.

If you treat a Filipina well, she will usually be intensely loyal. She will get upset if you try to take care of yourself too much.  She wants to do things for you.  Not that you can expect that 100% of the time but I have seen it often.

Beaches Every Where!

The Philippines is an island country. Or an archipelago. There are over 7107 island in the Philippines. That gives an easy way to a enjoy of the beaches of the Philippines.

So far, my favorite beaches are found on Bantayan Island. It is usually very quiet there. There are few tourist. It is a very nice place to go and relax.

Marlin Beach Resort on Bantayan Island  -- Living In The Philippines

Bantayan Island Beach

People Living In The Philippines are Friendly

Filipino are amazingly friendly and respectful. I am amazed when I see a foreigner that thinks Filipino are rude. Where the heck has he been hanging out at?  What has he been doing to make the Filipino mad?

It has been my observation that most Filipino would rather avoid trouble. They will let something pass that we Americans might be ready to make a major issue out of. Some say that Filipino are compliant. I think they are just smart enough to know where to pick their battles.

If you make a Filipino mad, the result for you could be pretty bad. Once they have had enough, they usually set out to end the situation and they may take drastic measures to do so.

Of course there are exceptions. I’ve known some crazy Filipino. Some ready to cause trouble at the slightest excuse.  That’s the way some humans are any where in the world. But most Filipino are awesome people. Filipinos looking to make trouble are indeed rare.

Do You Want To Live In The Philippines?

If you want to move to the Philippines, I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Post a comment and ask

Living In The Philippines

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me what you want to know. I’ll do my best to give you my reality. That’s really all of any of us can do. I have gained a lot of knowledge by constantly living in the Philippines and a lot by reading what other expats and Filipino have to say.  I’ve heard to many expats living in the Philippines discount what the locals have to say.  Often, they are very insulting when they do it. Do not underestimate Filipinos. They are often poor, they are often uneducated but they know the Philippines better than  you or I can ever hope too and they are certainly not stupid.

I have more information coming into me than I can possibly process or remember. If I can be of assistance, please post a comment!

If you want to or are living in the Philippines, please tell us all about it!