Living In The Philippines In The Dark

It has been a while since I complained about the brownouts in Bogo City. So I figure it is time to moan and complain once more.

Yep we had another one in Bogo tonight. We usually don’t get them at night. I wish they did come at night so it wont be quite so hot. Today was a steamy day in Bogo City though and it got hot fast.

One of my battery powered fans is not holding a charge. It never has held one for long. We should have taken it back but lugging it

Sexy Filipina

Jessie In Talisay

all the way to Cebu City is a pain. It isn’t large but still not fun. I told Jessie to get me another one when she visits next month.

The other one lasted for over three hours. About thirty minutes after it died, the lights came back on!

I was sleeping during most of this one. This brownout lasted about four hours though.  Maybe a little more.

When Jessie called our local power company to inquire she got an answer that I found a little funny. I guess the power company was a bit frustrated too.  Jessie learned it was not a scheduled brownout. She told me they said “The National Power Corporation just decided to turn it off.” At the time, the power company in Bogo City didn’t yet know why it was off.

Cost Of Electricity In The Philippines

I saw a post on another blog the other day about brownouts. That expat had been saving for a generator. A while back though, the power company in his area was privatized. Since that time, he noted that there have been few brownouts and the ones that he did see were mostly short.

If a company is trying to make a profit, then when the meters are not spinning there is no money being made. Strong motivation to keep the lights on!   I suspect his cost also went up though.

People living in the Philippines have seen large price increases in the electricity bill over the last year. We had two price increases. I think both were in 2010 but the last one might have been in 2011.


Since it looked like I might be cooking in a steamy Philippines night, I took a Xanax. I was hoping it would put me to sleep.  Now, i can barely keep my eyes open but I need to work. I have a lot going on the web right now. Have invested in a couple of products and need to get to work

I think though, I will be going to sleep as soon as I finish this article.


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