Ghosts are living in the Philippines too!

It seems that I’m not the only one living in the Philippines as most of the Filipino I know strongly believes in ghost.

Ghost will play when we are away. Twice now when both Jessie and I were away our ya ya (maid) hasGhost Living In The Philippines reported that she heard strange noises in our upper floors. The first time she heard someone walking across the floor in our spare room.

When Jessie and I were both gone to Bantayan Island last week, she said she heard the closet doors slamming in our bedroom. And as I type this, I have chills running up and down my back.

She is not the first to report ghostly activity in our home. Previous maids have said they actually saw them a couple of time. They looked a lot like Jessie from the rear.

Jessie says the ghost must miss us and doesn’t like it when we are gone.

I must say, that since we have been living in this home, I have had creepy sensations when downstairs in the middle of the night. It really, I mean really feels like someone is watching me. There have been times when I felt very uneasy and got myself back upstairs quickly, leaving the lights on as I went ha ha.

Since I’ve been living in the the Philippines I’ve seen two really odd things and several minor odd things. Early one morning, I saw a woman in a long white dress dancing in the street. It was at a distance, perhaps it was just a woman. That’s what I thought it was at the time but Jessie said “Awww, you’ve seen one.” Upon questioning her, she meant I had seen an “entity” as she usually calls it.

The other thing I saw was a Philippines vampire or aswang as it is called here. Not really a vampire but close. It is said to be shape shifter and eat the dead or dying. Pregnant women and babies too are also at risk of being devoured by these scary beings. I’m told by day, they appear to be human and at night take on birdlike features.

I must say, what I saw was very freaky. You can read the full account of that story by visiting “Visited By A Vampire.” This creature had the wings and body of a bat and the head of a humming bird. Jessie is close to terrified of aswang and the local Filipino told me I should not go out alone like that. It was very dangerous.

Jessie has told me of the time her ex-husband came out of the bedroom because he saw the ghost of Jessie’s mother floating above him! I guess I have become more superstitious since living in the Philippines as that too gives me chills. Could you imagine how terrifying that would be, especially if you had been treating the daughter of the ghost badly?

No, not all Filipino believe in ghost any more than American’s do. Out in the province though, the Filipino I run across do very much believe in ghost interacting with humans. They are just as certain of it being true as most Westerners are certain is it hogwash. However ghost are a part of Filipino culture for many.

Have Your Views Changed Since You’ve Been Living in the Philippines?

Many of my views have changed since I began living in the Philippines. This one, I’m still on the fence. I do believe in spirits and even demons but totally convinced they are still caught up in this world. Still, since living in the Philippines, I’ve had a sense that the country is far more spiritually active than where I came from.

Do you have any ghost stories about the Philippines? I’d love to hear them if you do. If so have you ever lived in the Philippines? For how long have you been living in the Philippines? Do you believe it is total hogwash even after living in the Philippines?

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