Joe Bogo in Bogo City

Yesterday, a long time reader visited Bogo City. He’s been in the Philippines for about a month and hanging out with the locals. Sometimes he’s lived in

Joe Bogo visiting Bogo City BBQ By The Bay

Joe Bogo visiting Bogo City BBQ By The Bay

nipa huts without aircon and experiencing the Philippines in a way I have not been able to. He’s having a very rich introduction to the Philippines!

Joe is likely to move to the Philippines in the not too distant future and I think he will do well here.  He has the right attitude and he is a very likable guy.   We both didn’t seem to have any problem finding things to talk about.

He is very knowledgeably about computers, especially on networking them.  He’s a lot more up to date on the newest computer peripherals than I am and seems to know a bit more about networking than I do.  I know more than most.

We met him at the Pizza Pub here in Bogo and then went back to my house for

Beth, Pretty Filipina.  She's Joe's friend and reads this blog.

Beth, Pretty Filipina. She's Joe's friend and reads this blog.

a couple of hours.  Joe also brought his friend Beth, a pretty and sweet Filipina.  Jessie enjoyed talking with her. There he had the pleasure of meeting  Juliet, my Filipino long tail monkey, glaring at him.  Which she enjoys very much.  She always likes to teach newbies that she is in charge and not them.  haha

He managed to pet Juliet a bit, but only when I was holding her in my arms.  I told him she likes to have her head scratched but he preferred not to put his fingers near the business end.  I don’t blame him, I told him he could PROBABLY scratch her head.

She is a wild animal.   And like wild animals tend to be, they are unpredictable, especially when in the hands of an amature like me.   She wont bite me but I can make no guarantees about any one else.

It rained for a couple of hours once we got to our place.  Joe commented that he had been carrying his umbrella around for a month.   Once he didn’t take it with him, it rained!

We waited the rain out though and headed to the BBQ by the Bay.  He walked down while Jessie and I took a trike.  He got there almost as quickly as we did.  I hate to get there hot because then I sweat for a while till I cool back down.

It started raining again so we had to get under the covered area.  It was cool though, there was a nice breeze so it was very comfortable.  He seems to love the place and we plan to go back tonight.

Jessie and Jason

Cold In The Philippines

If I’m comfortable, that usually means the Filipino and especially the pinay are cold.  Jessie and Jason are wrapped up in one of Jessie’s hand made shawls.

Christine is planning to meet us there too.  I believe she will have her family of about eight with her

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