Philippines: Obtaining More Books Than You Can Read

I’ve heard many expats in the Philippines complaining about the lack of books. That can be easy to overcome in two ways but from the same source.  Amazon will ship most books to the Philippines but there is no reason to pay for shipping those heavy books.  You can download your books with Amazon’s Kindle.

Unfortunately, I don’t have one, yet.  I have more pressing needs and thus can’t get one at this time.  I wish I could give you a personal review but I can’t.  I would love to hear from people that have Kindles, regardless of where you live.

If in the states, you can download directly to your Kindle with a free wireless connection.  But you can download to your PC from any where and then transfer to your PC.

There are more than 190,000 books to choose from plus all the major papers and magazines are available.  Best sellers are available for $9.99! and you don’t have to wait for the items to be shipped. The resolution and look of the screen is above that of normal computers.  It looks like real paper.

Instead of a heavy book, you carry a very thin electronic item with you and when you move, no need to move all those heavy books!  Some books are meant for show, buy those, but the ones you read, the best place for them is a Kindle!

Get Best Sellers even in the Philippines.  You can also get the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WashingtonPost, Forbes and many top international newspapers.  It has been hugely popular and sold out quickly after they went on sale.  Production has been stepped up and the price has fallen by about fifty bucks since it first came out.

Thousands of Amazon readers gave it an average four star rating.  I sure would love to have one.   In fact, if you just dying to buy me something for Christmas and its not a camera, this would be it!  🙂  The device is tiny too, making it easy to travel with.  It is about the size of a pencil.

While Amazon does not ship this unit to the Philippines, you can send it to Johnny Air Cargo (JAC) and they will deliver to you in the Philippines.  Amazon does ship books to the Philippines but I don’t think they ship the Kindle here and it would be best to send it through JAC and avoid the Customs Hassels.  You can text JAC through Jesse at 63-917-623-3910.  Tell her Rusty sent you.  I don’t get anything, she might give me a discount on my next shipment though.  🙂 There prices are MUCH cheaper than FedEx and UPS and about as fast as UPS.  Takes about a week after it arrives in JAC.  If you don’t have a credit card, they will even buy it for you!

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