I hear this all the time.   I hear that Filipino are lazy from expats and I hear it from Filipino too.

I don’t really like to disagree with Filipino about their own culture.  I’m in a listen and learn mode when it comes to Filipino telling me about the Philippines.   Filipino do not strike me as lazy!

Today I read an article about human trafficking in the Philippines.   I keep up with that topic.   Today I read of 15 Filipino being rescued as they were in a motor boat headed to Malaysia.  They had been promised jobs on a plantation.  Plantation work is rarely for the lazy.   These people were on their way to a foreign country for only P200 a day!  That’s about $4.50 per the recent exchange rate.

Only three were minors.  There was a 42 year old man on board willing to work for P200 a day.

The Philippines Information Agency is reporting that two individuals were arrested after complaints from two parents that their

Banca in The Philippines

minor sons were on board and had been illegally recruited.   The boat was said to be leaving from a private wharf in Zamboanga City.

Even the trip sounds horrifically dangerous.

A man hunt is underway for the individual responsible for arranging the trip.  He fled the scene when he realized NBI agents had arrived.   I don’t know the nationality of the recruiter.

This just doesn’t strike me as lazy.  I think Filipino are frustrated when it comes to work but most of the people I know are far from lazy.  The poor Filipino I know are always looking for a way to make a few peso.   Of course there are lazy people in the Philippines.  This idea that Filipino are lazy as a whole is absurd.

I think compassion for those living in a poor country like the Philippines is more in order.   For people living in the Philippines, if they are not employed by 25, they have little hope of ever being employed.  I’ve seen ads for degreed accountants in the paper for around $200 a month.   I know Filipina working in factories for around $150 a month if they get overtime.  There are a lot of people living in the Philippines desperate for work.

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