Tonight we were invaded by a bug that looked like a termite except it was black. It reminds me of the May Flies that invade the deep south, especially in the Ms. and La. Delta and at the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson Ms. But I have not seen them covering cars here like they did in those places.

The reason I’m writing about them is the Filipino lesson Jessie gave me. She got up with an all knowing look on her face. She took one of the book lights and attached it to a water bucket then filled the bucket with water. We had to turn out the other lights but within a few minutes it had worked. There were dead bugs floating in the water and the bugs were not flying all around any more.

We did hear a call from her oldest son a few minutes later though. With most of our lights off, they had decided they would “attack” his room instead. He is only eight years old.

They are not really termites, but it is how I will remember them. The floor looks like a battle field with wings that have fallen off. I think these bugs, like our May Flies back in the states, die soon after gaining the ability to fly. They appear to be drunk when they fly and they flop around here and there.

The lizard that we often see in our room was very happy to help us with these bugs. He came out of hiding and ran one of them down. I suppose I should get a picture of our “pet” lizard as he has a forked tail! It appears he barely escaped the claws of something and ended up with his tail split. He’d probably do better if I cut his tail off but I’ll just let him be. Chances are high, he will become George’s (my Filipino monkey) snack one day soon.

Just another day in the life of an expat living in the Philippines, monkeys, black killer termites and a beautiful Filipina coming to save the day.

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