Philippine Banana Exports

Wow, some harsh words coming from Australia, a country that exports many foods, especially dairy products to the Philippines has some highly inflammatory and insulting words for the Philippines.  So far, I’ve not had cluster of bananaany Australian dairy products that I could enjoy.  I even let cheese get old and had to throw it out.  It was like eating plastic except it had less taste.

Protectionism or Valid Concerns, I don’t know but his is what the Lee Collins of the Australian Banana Growers’ Council said the following things:

There are plenty of bananas in Australia, we don’t need the other bananas

We will do whatever it takes to stop these bananas coming in.

We are concerned that the proposed quarantine measures are to be implemented by Philippine banana growers on farms which do not have a culture of quarantine and would be open to manipulation and abuse.

The Philippines are a very corrupt country. Money can buy you anything in the Philippines.

The disease risks are simply too great and we must never forget that the federal agency, Biosecurity Australia, has a very poor track record on this

The first comment makes it sound like protectionism, we don’t need any other bananas?  That sounds like they don’t want cheaper bananas to me.  The last statement seems to show fault with Australian agency and penalize the Philippines for it.

I doubt these words will be well received in the Philippines and it seems he protest too much.

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