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Are You Thinking About Living in the Philippines?

I recently updated by eBook about living in the Philippines.  It is more than an eBook.  It is a manual.  I call it that because it is

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comprehensive.  It covers everything I can think of about living in the Philippines.  It is now over two hundred pages!

Basic Expat Training Manual — The Philippines Experience

I think the best way to give you an idea of what this living in the Philippines  manual is all about is to reproduce the table of contents:

  • Introduction
    • Official Languages of the Philippines
  • The Expatriate Living in the Philippines
    • Immigration, Passport and VisaGetting Your US Passport
    • Non-immigrant Visa (The Easy Way to Live in the Philippines.)
    • Visa Run For Expats Living in the Philippines
    • Balikbayan Privilege Or 1 Year Visa
    • Quota Visa
    • Immigrant Visa
    • 13A Marriage Visa
    • 13B Children
    • 13C Subsequent Children
    • 13D Women That Loose Citizenship
    • 13E Returning From Abroad
    • 13G Married To A Filipino That Lost Citizenship
    • SRRV – Special Resident Retirement Visa SVEG – Business Visa
    • Traveling With A Filipino
  • What To Bring With You When Living in the Philippines
    • Bringing Your Pet
    • What Not To Bring
  • Do I Need Shots Before Living in the Philippines
    • Which Shots Do I Need If I Get Them
  • The Filipina
    • The Wonderful
    • Filipina Love in The Philippines
    • The Filipina and Her Family (Supporting Her Family)
    • Filipina Possessiveness and Jealousy
    • Flirting and The Filipina – Relearning My Art
    • Extortion Schemes in the Philippines
    • Friendly are Filipina
    • School Girls Vs. College Girls (How to Tell The Difference and Stay Out of Trouble.)
    • Fraud in Dating How To Spot A Scammer
    • (Indicators of A Scammer)
    • The Dangers Of Married Filipina (You can be jailed.)
    • Police Setup In Dating
    • Under-aged Girls (One Final Caution)
  • Marriage and Divorce — There is No Divorce for those Living in the Philippines
  • Property and Divorce — Who Gets What?
  • Getting A Guam Divorce
  • Cost of Living
    • Housing in the Philippines
    • Medical Cost WhileLliving in the Philippines
    • Food and Dining in the Philippines
    • How Much Money Do I Need To Live in The Philippines
    • Living In Cebu: A Cost Comparison
    • My Budget — What it Cost Me to Live In the Philippines
  • Housing In The Philippines
    • Land Ownership in the Philippines
    • Building In The Philippines Renting A Home Staying At A Resort
  • Getting a Job
    • Starting a Business In The Philippines
  • Education
    • International Schools in the Philippines
  • Banking and Money
    • Opening a Bank Account in the Philippines
    • Getting Your Money While Living in the Philippines
    • Remittance
    • Bonus eBook
    • Federally Insured Deposits? Yes but…
    • Privacy in Banking in the Philippines
    • Wealth Tied to Exchange Rate for Expats Living in the Philippines
    • Your USA Income Taxes
      • A Few Words From Paul Keating, CPA
  • Public Transportation While Living in the Philippines
  • Shipping Your Stuff Before And While Living in The Philippines
    • Balikbayan Boxes
    • Container Shipping
    • Mail Forwarding Service
  • Safety and Terrorism In the Philippines (Is it Really Dangerous?)
  • Kultura Filipino (Filipino Culture)
    • Philippines and Religion
    • Filipino are Polite and Formal
    • Filipino Friendship
    • Filipino and Family
    • Mano Po a Tradition of Respect
    • Toilet Training for Those Living in the Philippines
  • Philippine Weather
  • Check List Before You Start Living in the Philippines
  • Appendix
    • Immigration and Visas
      • Tourist Visas
      • Travel Requirements for Filipinos
      • Balikbayan Privilege
      • SVEG – Special Visa To Non-Immigrant Employment Generation
      • 13A Permanent Resident (Marriage Visa)
      • 13B (permanent resident for children)
      • 13E Person Returning from Abroad
      • 13G Married to A Filipino that lost their Citizenship
    • Marriage Regulations — Getting Married
    • The Family Code
    • Mail Order Brides (Another Good Way to Find Yourself in Trouble).
    • Location of Bureau Of Immigration Offices
    • Travel Warnings Bureau of Immigration Extension Fees for Travelers on a Visitor Visa
    • List And Locations of Philippine Embassies

This month I added over 40 pages to the living in the Philippines manual.  I added a lot of material about visas.  That is a challenging topic as it is somewhat complex.   I included the law and regulations in the appendix and wrote my explanation off those visas within the manual.  There are now over 30 pages relating to the different types of visas.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits or buy my eBook please visit:  Basic Expat Manual  — The Philippines Experience.

I also added a section about the weather in the Philippines.  That section of the book is about three pages long if I remember correctly.

If you decide to buy the book and think it isn’t worth the money you paid for it, you can get a refund for 60 days.  I think you’ll find it useful though.  Still, if you don’t you can get your money back.  No questions asked.  I am certain, this manual will help you start living in the Philippines sooner!

Basic Expat Training Manual (BETM) is a living document.  I update it often.  Adding more content that I think will be beneficial to the hopeful expat.  BETM  has been revised more than 10 times.  I haven’t kept up with all the revisions but here is a list of the revisions that I have documented:

Fourth Edition 09/25/10
Fifth Edition 10/11/2010
Fifth Edition Revised 10/18/2010
Fifth Edition 5.6 10/29/2010
Fifth Edition 5.6 Revised 11/03/2010
Sixth Edition 11/25/2010
Edition 6.1: 12/9/2010
Edition 6.2 2/2011
Edition 6.2a 3/2011
Edition 6-3 3/2011
Edition 7.0 4/2011

A Balanced View Of Living in the Philippines

I have been living in the Philippines for more than three years now.  I love living in the Philippines but that doesn’t mean you will.  It also doesn’t mean I’m living in heaven.  Sometimes I use the word paradise loosely.  It really isn’t a paradise but it is very close.

There is just no perfect place on earth and the Philippines has its share of dangers and problems.  Things are not going to be up to

Living in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines -- A Balanced Viewpoint

your standard of living.  Going for a walk can present problems.  There could be an open manhole cover, a broken sidewalk with missing slabs with a deep hole waiting for you to stick your foot in.  Even the little things require adjustments.

I’m not sure where I’d rather live if money was no object.  I know I’d visit the states more often if I wasn’t living on a budget.  I think though, I would spend most of my time living in the Philippines.

Some of my living in the Philippines manual is fact.  Some of what is in the eBook is my opinion.  I try to make it clear which is fact and which is opinion.  There is a lot of opinion based on my personal experiences on living in the Philippines.

This is an Asian country with Asian values and I like it that way.  If you can make the adjustments and embrace Filipino culture you can greatly enrich your life by living in the Philippines.  You can also come to love living here.

I present a balanced and accurate picture because I don’t want anyone deciding to live in the Philippines based on hype.  I want to enhance your experience of living in the Philippines.  Hyping up the experience wouldn’t help you and might make you angry with me.  I wouldn’t blame you if it did.

If you would like to buy the Basic Expat Training Manual or learn more about it please visit this link:  Basic Expat Training Manual — Living in the Philippines.

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