Wow, I am stoked!  Why?  My eBook is now a best seller!  I never dreamed it would do so well but I must say I am very happy about it.  Out of 500 travel products listed on Clickbank’s Marketplace my book sits at number 10 and it has been out for less than six weeks!  Some of the products ahead of me have been listed for years.

It is listed as the second best selling travel book in Asia!  Am I bragging.  I just might be.  Success is sweet, I wont deny it.

It didn’t come easy though.  I worked on it for a long time.  I lacked the confidence that I could

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A Best Seller

produce something that people would think worth of their hard earned cash.

The eBook is a living product.  By that I mean I didn’t just write it and forget about it.  The first edition had only 32 pages.  The latest edition has about 127 pages.

I want it to be a complete manual.  I think it already achieves that goal but I’m not satisfied with it yet.  Not only is it a book but subscribers are invited to join my premium news letter.  The newsletter “Explode Your Retirement — Live Overseas” is a work in progress and not really ready to be advertised yet.  I need to write more articles for it.  I plan to make it weekly too.  Right now it is biweekly.  Eventually, I will offer it to paid subscribers but people who buy “Basic Expat Training Manual” get it as part of their purchase price of the eBook.  That could change but for now they get it for free.

Since this eBook is listed on Clickbank with an affiliate option you can promote this product on your website.  To do that click here and sign up for an account.  It is free.  Then click on the Marketplace Link at the top and search for Basic Expat Training Manual and you can click promote to get your link.  If you make a sale, you’ll get 50% of what I earn.  At its current price that is almost 12 bucks a sale.  (Clickbank gets their cut, of course.)

If you want to know more about the eBook itself please visit my site dedicated to Basic Expat Training Manual.

Thanks to those that already promote my book and to those that have purchased it!  I’ll keep working to make it better and help you make living in the Philippines a dream that you are actually living!

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