Expatriate Woes: No power means no cash.
Brown out in Bogo City

Today was a bit of a bummer. Nothing major just a power outage when I had no cash in my pocket. Our power went out around 6am and stayed out until about 4pm.

Being hot was the worst of it. I tried to tough it out but finally I took a shower just to cool off and then went to Jollibee. Jollibee was running on generator and was cooler. But we had only 150 peso so our choices were limited. Jessie got some kind of ice cream/drink. I guess a small sundae. I had three cokes and read the paper. We stayed there about two hours and finally the lights came back on. it was hard to be so close to others eating chicken and french fries when I could only sit and drink my coke.

Making this situation just a little more uncomfortable was that I had money in the bank. However, there are only three ATMs in the city and they were all down due to the brown out. Jessie and I were not the only couple going to each of the three machines only to find that we could get no relief. This just made me crave pizza and beer. Oh it wasn’t a major issue, I’m kind of laughing at myself now. Just a minor interruption to life’s plans.

Now if I can’t get money today, things are going to become much more difficult but that shouldn’t be a problem. I have scheduled money to be available at one of the banks and the machines should be back online today.

This is the kind of issue an expat much deal with while living in the Philippines.

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