Dengue is still causing devastation for those living in the Philippines.  The province of Cebu has stepped up efforts to fight the dengue carrying Aedes mosquito.

Bogo city has “misting operations” under way, or so I read.  I’ve not seen it or heard it.   There have been 59 cases of dengue in our small city of 69,123.   Bogo is considered a hot spot for dengue in Cebu according to Rose Jao, provincial dengue coordinator.  Other hot spot cities are

  • Danao City with 97 cases
  • Balamban with 88 cases
  • Liloan, 70 cases
  • Medellin with 66 cases
  • Aloguinsan 53 cases
  • Argao with 53 cases
  • Daanbantayan with 49 cases

Medillen, Daanbantayan and Bogo City are all in Northern Cebu.  On a side note, Bogo is still a city until the Supreme court completes some red tape.  My guess is that they will hold off on that until the motion for reconsideration is completed.   Even then, they may hold off while new legislation is drafted to correct the problem once and for all.

Dengue is said to be far more common than the numbers suggest.  Partly because so many never seek medical care and are never

dengue causing mosquito

Dengue Causing Mosquito

aware they have it.  It is not always life threatening.  Most of the time its not.  When it is though, it can be devastating.  With my health not being the best, it could be very dangerous for me.  Still, the odds of my getting it are small.  Well, at least based on the numbers.  I have to keep in mind, the numbers are understated.

Most American’s that come here are surprised about the lack of mosquitoes.   They usually expect to be swarmed like one can be in the USA.  Its just not that way here.  A mosquito here and a mosquito there.  Still with the potentially deadly punch of dengue, one is enough to cause concern.  I always wonder, is that the mosquito that will kill me!

Dengue is caused by just one mosquito, the Aedes mosquito.  They have the characteristic stripes in the picture shown.  Though in my day to day life, I don’t often notice if they have stripes.  I’m too busy turning them into squashed insects.

Dengue is a huge topic in the Philippines as the number of cases have broken previous records.   We had a drought, followed now by the rainy season and there has been an explosion.  Its often blamed, in part, on global warming.  Perhaps there is some truth to the global warming dengue explosion in the Philippines.

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