Cebu and Negros provinces fell victim to a powerful and deadly earthquake on February 6th, 2012. So far, one child has been reported dead in Taysan, Negros Oriental  when a wall fell on the child and killed them. Damage reports are coming in still. There has been damage from the quake.

Earthquake Causes Tsunami in Cebu

There are also reports of a damage causing tsunami in Badian Island which is in southwest Cebu.  Full reports are not yet available. I don’t know how bad this was but one family reported that they were “badly hit by a tidal wave.” I heard from another family located near Moalboal in southern Cebu that noticed rising coastal waters within a few minutes of the quake. There would be no time to have prepare.

In Cebu City, schools were closed, malls and the city hall was evacuated. Electrical power is out in some  Earthquake In Cebu 2012areas of Negros and some traffic lights are out in Cebu City. Traffic in those areas is said to be horrific.`Government office in Negros Oriental have been closed.

The Cebu earthquake was rated at 6.7 by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and occurred at depth of only 20km. I suspect it would be a shallow quake since it was felt of a large area of the Philippines. Some in Mindanao reported feeling the quake and that was before there had been time for it to reach the press.

The earthquake was centered west south west 84km or about 50 miles from Cebu City. It was quite close to Cebu City. I’m another 80 miles or so north of Cebu city so the quake was about 130 miles from me. I don’t know how far Zamboanga is but it must be around 500 miles away and people reported feeling the quake there! The The Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has confirmed the quake was felt in Dipolog which is also in Mindanao. You can see the Inquirer report here. There report shows different depths and intensities but I’m using revised data from USGS.

Earthquake in Cebu Causes Panic

The Sun Star reported that panic set in after a tsunami scare rippled through Cebu City. They reported that people ran into the street, abandoned their cars in the street while the shaking was ongoing. Phivolcs did report that waves as high as three feet were possible from this earthquake. The picture above shows people have gotten out of their cars and gathered in the Osmena Circle Park in Cebu City. A place I have visited several times. Picture credit and article for Sun Star here.

I got an email from one site visitor he expressed the same reaction I had during the earthquakes that hit  northern Cebu a couple of years ago. Her fear was how much longer will it last and will it get worse. She was located in Cebu City. She also mentioned her boss tore out of the office and didn’t come back.

It was very mild in Bogo. I didn’t think this one would get bad, as I was about to tell Jessie that she was already out the door. I would have gone too but I was looking for my comb. haha It was over before I found it. I had only been awake for a few minutes. We also felt one very small aftershock. Our computer desk did rock back and forth quite a bit. It was violent but enough to get your attention.

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