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Philippine television is overflowing with a steady stream of the dreaded chick flick. This week, “You’ve Got Mail” was on and I was surprised it took so long for me to see it on TV here.

During the day, Star Movies and HBO shows chick flick after chick flick. Hey, I’m okay with a chick flick once a Chick Flicksmonth. Give me some tanks and Clint Eastwood blowing things up and being dirty any day. Even too much of that gets old but these chick flicks are going to drive me insane.

And there is the Filipino Channel One which is 24 hours of corny love stories except for the few very bad horror movies. Now you can learn some things about the culture from that channel, problem is its in Tagalog and no subtitles. Sometimes there will be a show in English, but most are not.  Jessie would likely stay glued to that if I’d let her.  Bad enough its another chick flick but worse, its in a language I can’t understand

Okay, so I’m not really all that bothered by this but there is a lot of chick flick type shows on during the day.  At night its not as bad but I usually grab the remote at night and put it on something educational. We just lost the history channel and it was replaced with Living Asia which I thought would be something interesting but so far, not really and they rerun shows a lot.

I’ve learn to adapt to CNN International, which is way too much like BBC. Too much emphasis on soccer and cricket, I could care less about. Wimbledon is under way now and they are covering that to no end. CNN international is more likely to cover stories about England than the US. We get Fox news in Bogo. That channel really should change its name. Perhaps to the sexy news. The women on there are generally very good looking, but Glenn Beck is pretty ugly and his mannerism are irritating. The only thing he could do to make it worse is open his mouth. I hope that some day, they bring in MSNBC but I’m not hopeful on that. Fox News has added short features which they rerun to no end to replace their commercials. I think it is the commercials that cause a problem with exported MSNBC to other countries.

We did get more channels when we lived in Cebu but you can forget the idea of 7 HBO and 5 Showtime channels. That doesn’t exist in Cebu. I’ve also not seen digital video recorders. It was really hard for me to get use to not fast forwarding through the commercials or being able to back up and repeat a portion that I want to see again.

Many of the TV shows from the US are a year or two behind what is shown here. “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” has just now started broadcasting its second season here. I’m seeing shows that I saw a year and a half ago in the USA. 90210 has just started broadcasting here. We do get American Idol live here, if you’re up early enough to see it. They broadcast that show about three, maybe four times a day here while it is ongoing. Makes it easy to see it if you’re into it.

A few days ago I published a story about what I miss about the USA, American Television should have been part of that list. I’m not big into TV. I rarely watched it when I lived in the USA. I miss The Daily Show and The Colbert Report the most. I also watched Keith Olbermann on a regular basis. Mostly I watched Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet though and I can get those here. These channels are not identical. The shows usually have British narrators and when opinions are expressed they are frequently from a UK slant or humor and with UK slang too..

Its hard to get a TV schedule too. I set repeating alarms on my phone for shows that I want to watch regularly. There are some websites that help but I’ve not been able to find any one site that will have all the information in one place. So we find out afterwards about some shows.

The cost for cable TV is much less than what I paid in the USA.  In Bogo City, our cost is only P360 or around $8.00 and in Cebu City the cost was around $20 a month.

Daytime TV appears to be targeted at women while night time TV is more targeted at men but only slightly more so. Seeing cock (rooster) fights on TV will probably the biggest change between the US and Philippines Television.

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