Poverty In The Philippines

In this video, you’ll see more of the poverty in the Philippines.  There is so much poverty in the Philippines it is easy to feel helpless in helping at all.  Far too often we do nothing and are even inconvenienced  by those that live it.  How dare we!

You’ll also see the smile and charm of a sweet 11 year old girl that looks up to her friend that scavenges to help her family. She works in the landfill due to the poverty in the Philippines.

UPDATE: The users account was terminated for content theft so the video is not longer available. 🙁

I hope you’ll remember this video the next time you come across a beggar in the streets.

So often we complain about being bothered by them.  So often we justify not giving because the money goes to the syndicate or organized crime of the Philippines.

Poverty In The Philippines Brings Many Homeless Children

So what, let it go to them.  The kids in the street wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t gain something from it.

One thing I’m certain of, a little kindness can go a long way toward the prevention of hardened adults.  With rampant poverty in the Philippines, people need our help.

Father and Son Sleeping on The Streets of the Philippines

If we all helped a little, maybe these children wouldn’t grow up to be heart hardened adults.  I don’t know how much it will help but doing nothing will hurt.

So we can’t give enough to solve the poverty in the Philippines.  I can’t give enough.  Not long after I came here I gave a child what I had in my pocket.  I had no idea what I was giving.  The child scoffed at my gift and it hardened my heart. The ungrateful child’s reaction was poor but so was mine.  I need to do better.

I even feel peer pressure not to help at all.  To heck with that pressure.   We need to do what is right.

Maybe we can’t each do a lot to help those people living in the Philippines but we can do a little.  Do that, accept your limitations but help in some small way to alleviate poverty in the Philippines.

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