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There are many kinds of Philippines Stars, but the two I’m most interested in this Christmas Philippine star and all the wonderful stars of the Philippines that can be seen while visiting Bantayan Island.  Or any other rural place in the Philippines. We can still see lots of stars in Bogo City, especially when I go to the wharf at night. When at Bantayan Island, I was able to find the big dipper and it was the first time Jessie had seen it. I’m afraid that is about the extent of my star gazing ability.

I want to learn to make a Christmas Philippine star or parol. I’ve taken many pictures of this Philippine star long before I knew it had a name. I’ve been trying to get Jessie to buy me some bamboo to get started with for the last couple of months, but so far, I don’t have it. However, I just ordered a Parol kit from a store in the USA. I will be shipping my Philippine star kit to make my first parol. I hope it isn’t a disaster. It comes with instructions and that will help. I’ll probably need to buy a glue gun too. Jessie will love that I think. She loves those kinds of toys. Then, from now on, I’ll buy the materials locally and save a lot. Soon now, I’ll have my own handmade Philippine star.

This Philippine star is also seen during easter but not as often.

I want to particpate in Filipino culture of kultra Filipino as much as possible and there is just no reason I can’t do this. I saw some videos on YouTube on how to make a parol and that sparked my interest in this type of Philippine star.

Originally, I thought it would be something to keep me occupied during the many power failures or “brownouts” that we where having. However, in recent months we have not had any long brownouts. Honestly, I can’t expect that to continue but I hope it does. If they do return, I can amuse myself with making a Philippine star.

Perhaps the most famous Philippine star is a newspaper PhilStar Online. I don’t know much about it, I get most of my other local sources.

Philippine Star Celebrities

Of course, the Philippine star also includes celebrities. They come with all the normal tsismis (gossip) that we have in the West. In this conservative nation though it might be more shocking to Filipino. Probably not because people are people and we like our vices and a Philippine star is going to get as much scrutiny as an American star. Perhaps even more because of the conservative nature of the Philippines. The celebrities though, they have so many scandals that surely people have become a little numb to it by now. I personally find it all hypocritical as I’m a strong believer in that old saying from the bible, something like “You try to remove the splinter from your bothers eye when you have an entire board in your own.” We all have our boards. I’ve accepted mine and just enjoy them.

I’ve written several stories about Christmas in the Philippines that you’d might like to read.  Some will include more pictures of the Christmas Philippine star which is as you know, is called a parol.

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