Living in the Philippines during the Christmas season one will find they are approached by strangers asking “Where is my Christmas?” Now into our second “ber” month of  OctoBER  it is fully Christmas in the Philippines.

Where is My Christmas?

I have been trying to figure out how to reply to this question.  The only thing I could come up with was to ask “Where is my Christmas?”  This got me strange looks.  Maybe even indignant, “How dare you ask me that” kind of looks.  I don’t understand why they can ask me but I can’t ask them.  Maybe it is like tag and where the rules are you can’t tag the person that last tagged you.  Yes, I’m jesting.  I don’t know.

christmas in the philippines
Christmas Decoration in The Philippines

Many expats and many Filipino hate this.  I don’t understand that reaction.  I have no problem with saying “no.”   Usually, I don’t even have cash on me.  Which is funny since they are asking me and I don’t have anything.   They don’t ask Jessie and she usually has my money.  If I do have money in my wallet, I’m not likely to remove it from my pocket.  Not even in Bogo City.

Its Christmas though, no reason to be harsh, even when it is not Christmas.  Especially no reason when it is Christmas.  Quit being a Scrooge, have Christmas in your heart year round.

Now I’ve come up with a better solution I think.   I finally figured out what to say.  Well, as soon as I learn how to say it.   From now on, I will gently look them in the eye and say in Cebuano “Naay Pasko sa imong kasing-kasing.”   Translated back to English, It means

Christmas is in your heart.

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