Wow, everyone is upset over the Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley decision. Charges of corruption abound. What are they based on? Bradley printing posters for the rematch promotion is the only “evidence” I’ve seen. It seems he tweeted this 11 weeks before the fight or so they say. I haven’t confirmed that and everyone should know that just because it is in the press doesn’t mean its true.

Manny Pacquiao Bigger Than Life

Manny Pacquiao

So what if he did? Why didn’t anyone raise questions then? Because it was done for two reasons. First for publicity and second for confidence building. Now had Manny done that, I might feel differently about it.

One of the judges said he wished that he could comment but said he could not. He basically said look at the score sheet and guidance provided by the Nevada Boxing Commission. I think the answer lies there. He did say that Manny missed more of his punches while Bradley landed his. Yeah, but they didn’t do anything to Manny.

That may be where the problem lies. In our sterile world were we want judges to judge without emotion how can we factor in “That freaking hurt when Manny hit me.” Its not too often when one hears a fighter admit after a fight that his opponent hurt him. Bradly said something like “Oh yeah, he hurt me. He hits hard.”

I’m beginning to the think that it is human nature to claim corruption when there is an unfair outcome. You know, the world is just not fair. When a child dies in a train wreck, is that fair? Is the fix in to cause it. No, its just the world. Its a hard unfair place.

There has been so much corruption in boxing though, it gives any such charges a foundation to take hold. Fighters have admitted to throwing fights. These kinds of black eyes around the bruisers help increase the cries of corruption.

Manny Pacquiao beat Bradley, there’s no question in the minds of most. Two judges scored it as they thought they had been instructed too. Here’s the problem Manny has. He didn’t fight much after the fifth round. He has a bad habit of pouring it on at the end. Why does he do that? I don’t know. To leave an impression with the judges?  I don’t think that works. Maybe it does, he’s a smart man.

After the fifth round though he didn’t dominate. I thought he won most of the rounds except for the last three. He thought he had a big lead and rested. That and Brandley stopped making it so easy for him. I didn’t notice the later rounds but in the earlier rounds Bradley had his hands low. When I saw that I said “Manny’s going to pick him apart.” Then Manny proceeded to do that. Nearly knocking him out about three times.

In the sixth round, I thought Manny was hurt. Later I decided Manny was too heavy and he realized he had to slow down the pace and perhaps that is exactly what was going on. That left it open to the judges. If you don’t want a bad decision, then fight dang it.

I felt like the judges scored it the way they did because Manny slowed down. In his last fight many thought he had lost but he got the decision. This time it didn’t go his way.  Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges and you can’t get a decision you think is wrong.

I think judges have been instructed to score a fight in such a way as to promote fighting. We’ve also seen too many cases where there is not enough fighting. That’s why the UFC is doing so well, someone is fighting and someone is usually bleeding in those action pact slug fest and that’s exactly what we need to see in the boxing ring. I just wish there was a way to add in the “Dang that hurts” factor. 🙂

Many Pacquiao is a Class Act

I think Manny Pacquiao is one class act though. So often you’ll hear boxers whine like a school kid on the playground. None of that from the Pacman. I tell you, I hear a lot of negative things toward the man. I however don’t understand them. He’s humble and a caring person. He does a lot of the poor in the Philippines and still enjoys his millions with nice boats and no telling what else he has accumulated. He’s a success story and from all observations a great person.

Manny Pacquiao setting a wonderful example and makes Filipino proud and he should make them proud as he’s just a wonder to watch both in the ring and out.

By Rusty Ferguson

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